TECH HABITS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE:5. Clear Out Your Inbox Every Day

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Clear Out Your Inbox Every Day

Beat e-mail overload once and for all by emptying your inbox completely--and keeping it that way. The "Inbox Zero" philosophy says that e-mail messages are just calls to action--not clutter that we need to hang on to. Create three folders or labels in your e-mail client: Action, Later, and Archive. Each day when you check your e-mail, make a decision and do something with every new message you've received until you've moved them all out of your inbox and reduced your message count down to zero. Ruthlessly delete the messages you don't need, on the spot.

Respond to the ones that will take under 2 minutes. File messages that you want to keep for future reference in the Archive folder, those that will take longer than 2 minutes to reply to in Action (and add those to-do items to your list), and messages you need to follow up on at a subsequent date (such as Amazon shipment notifications) in Later. Then breathe a sigh of relief when you see that glorious declaration: 'You have no new mail.'


mdaku said...

Actually you should stop clinging to old E-mail or anything for that matter for basically it is akin to sticking with a chocolate wrapper long after the chocolate is dead and gone.
Au contraire if you must really stick with that "important"e-mail I suggest you "star",most major e-mail services provide it,it will lessen the task and time of retrieving mail. All Comments are wilkommen.