SEO Article Writing’s Impact on Web Page Ranking

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Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the use of methods, techniques and processes aimed at improving the visibility of website to both the human audience and the search engine robots that crawl and index web pages ranking them with respect to their structure and their content. It uses natural or organic means to achieve high rankings in the search engine results, SERPs, served up by a search engine with SEO article writing topping the list and other methods such as Search Engine Marketing, SEM.

SEO article writing is therefore by extension the craft of writing original, informative, captivating easy-to-read content for your readers and using keywords in the right quantity to ensure that your content is amenable to both your human readers and the search engine crawlers. In this respect keywords are the words or phrases that aptly and concisely describe what that particular web page is talking about, it is standard practice for instance to include no more than 10 keywords in a 500 word article and to ensure that the keywords have been inserted in a most delicate manner such that the reader does not feel unduly overwhelmed by the phrase.

SEO Article Writing a Cheap Way to Top The Rankings.

Since SEO article writing’s key purpose is to ensure that your content gets maximum visibility in the search engine results pages, SERPs, of search engines meaning that you have the largest number of people possible interacting with your content then you need a few tools to measure the success of SEO article writing on bringing visitors to your website. There are a number of such tools available both for free and at fee for your use. You can access this tools by typing the keyword, keyword optimization on your search engine search bar. Your search engine will give you links to online tools such as keyword density optimizer that will suggest the key words to use for some given text.

These tools range from the simple, SEO article writing effectiveness measurement software;  that is those that will suggest simple keywords to the complex, those that will tell you how the keywords that people use to reach your website, that is your keyword referrals. From these you can tailor your content to ensure that you satisfy the needs of the people keying in those keywords by using good SEO article writing practices. You can ensure that all your content matches up with those specific key words that are “hot” for your specific content. 

If you are a do it yourself, DIY, bluff you can go a step further and use Google’s advanced tools to find out exactly what keywords people are typing in at any given moment tailoring your content to match up with those terms. SEO article writing, a sub set of organic SEO,  can be a cheap and effective way of ensuring that your content is right at the top of all major search engines with minimal expense on your part.

Four Excellent Reasons Why You Should Understand SEO Article Writing In Kenya

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4 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Understand SEO Article Writing in Kenya.

Search Engine Optimized, SEO article writing is a term that is now very commonplace within the Internet Industry, in areas as diverse as web application development to content development. It is a term that if well grasped and utilized, can literally mean the difference between dizzying success or abject failure, with respect to the business/service that you are striving to promote on the interwebs via your website.

SEO article writing is quite simply the technique of producing website content, be it text or video, that  flows and makes for great reading/viewing. In this case a random page viewer lands on the page after keying into the search box of a search engine, some specific keywords and phrases, which the website owner has optimized for his website. This is in order for the website to rank right at the top of the search engine results pages, SERPs, of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

SEO Article Writing- An Art and Science

Therefore, in effect SEO article writing is both an art, the art of writing relevant, original, engaging articles and a science. The science of ensuring that the article has the correct keywords, of the right number, in any given article. This is to ensure that the webpage ranks at the top of the search results fetched by a search engine, e.g Google, when a query is conducted using those specific keywords.

Simply put, SEO article writing, if well employed, will provide a positive spiral for your website in the following simple manner. You write great, original, captivating content about your niche subject, readers interested in that subject visit your website to sample your content, finding your content worthwhile they share it with their friends, who in turn visit your website to read your content, and on and on the cycle goes.

SEO Article Writing-Content Is King

Great SEO content, will get you referrals which will drive traffic to your website. This will give your product much needed exposure increasing sales on your site, additionally, the link sharing will increase your site’s visibility in the SERPs of web pages, creating a win-win situation for you.

Here are 4 excellent reasons as to why you should understand and implement SEO article writing for your website. Plus the benefits you stand to make from such an investment;

The Benefits Of SEO Writing.

  • SEO article writing will encourage link building. Since only balanced, original, well written prose, is likely to inspire other website owners to want to link to your site and to share your content. Which is a key component of ranking well with the major search engines.
  • Make directory submission possible – Good SEO article writing will make it more likely for content editors, who include websites into their directories,  that much more likely to include your website into their directory.
  • SEO article writing, will make automated search engine submission possible since most search engine robots will not index or will heavily penalize web pages that have been stuffed with low quality content (fluff).
  • Most importantly, SEO article writing will endear you to your target audience the human readers of your content. If they like what they see, they will refer your site to their friends and soon you will have the necessary traffic boost to your website ( and by consequence higher conversions and higher revenues).

The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing In Kenya

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing.

In this harsh economic climate smart companies are often looking for creative and affordable ways of accomplishing their organizational tasks. One of the tasks that is very much responsible for enhancing a firm’s bottom line is its marketing segment. A firm’s marketing strategies should be managed very carefully and professionally so that the message portrayed to potential clients is reflective of what the company aspires to deliver. For the savvy company outsourcing marketing offers a great opportunity to advance the company’s profile while at the same time bringing on board great cost savings. Creating a win-win situation for your organization since your entire marketing effort is taken over by qualified, experienced professionals who will inject a fresh perspective to your marketing efforts. Outsourcing marketing is the way to go if you are tight on budget and yet you want your company to reach a wider audience in a short span of time.

Outsource Marketing- Best Practices

There are many firms which engage in outsourcing marketing they employ industry wide accepted practices to ensure that your marketing campaign achieves its objectives smoothly and at excellent cost savings to you. Outsourcing has been getting unwarranted bad press this is due to the various misconceptions that are being bandied about the whole concept of outsourcing. Outsourcing as its core simply means transferring some of your firm’s tasks to other firms that specialize in taking care of that particular task. Your primary consideration when outsourcing a task is whether the firm you are outsourcing to have the requisite skills and personnel to execute the task at an affordable cost to you. Therefore when outsourcing a task such as marketing, you ought to carefully consider whether the exercise will result in substantial cost savings on your company’s expense sheet.

Outsource Marketing - A Few Rules Of Thumb

Before settling on a marketing outsourcing partner there are a few rules of thumb that you need to bear in mind. The undeniable fact is that regardless of your firm’s size you must constantly engage in marketing if you expect to attract and retain more clients. Your chosen marketing outsourcing partner should have the requisite experience and the necessary flexibility to craft a workable campaign that incorporates all your requirements at short notice. When outsourcing marketing you should also ensure that your chosen partner gives you professional, unbiased advice aimed at improving your marketing efforts. Your marketing partner should be able to bring on board a fresh external perspective to your marketing strategy and operations.

Apart from tangible cost savings when outsourcing your marketing, the agency should have a deep pool of talent that has proven itself in the marketing arena. As such your marketing outsourcing partner should possess individuals who are well versed in the various aspects of marketing. Such a team should include experts in marketing strategy and planning, branding, digital, content production, social media, advertising, events management and more. You should choose a marketing outsourcing agency that considers your opinion when they are crafting a campaign. A partner who is intent on providing cost savings while getting the job done.