Kibaki Speaks At Last It Is The Party of National Unity-PNU

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Finally The President Of The Republic Of Kenya  and Commander in Chief of The Armed Forces,H.E Mwai Kibaki has broken his silence and decided to name the party whose ticket he will use to contest for  his Second and final term(We Hope) for the presidency of our beloved country Kenya.There had been a lot of grumbling among the so called Kibaki friendly parties as to which party ticket he was going to Select to vie on,out of the myriad Parties (42)at last count that were supporting his half of the Governing Coalition,After the ODM Side Opted Out of Government.He had snubbed calls by parties like NARC-KENYA,AGANO and even DP which had been struggling to catch his eye and endorse him as their flag bearer,he had maintained a studious silence and fence-sitting stance over the matter as he is want to do under such circumstances.

But today at exactly 3.31 pm he unveiled his preffered party,PNU the Party of National Unity,a party which was registered sometime in August this year ,and which will be an amalgamation of all other Kibaki friendly parties.After unveiling the vessel for his re-election,he invited all other like minded parties to coalesce under this party and work together for his re-election.

Well while this did not come as a surprise to many since the local dailies had already preempted this move as speculation had been rife that his allies had toyed with names like the GNU,the Grand National Unity party of Kenya and NARC-ASILI ,before finally settling on PNU.last week one of his cabinet ministers Mr Kiraitu Murungi said as much in a public rally he even mentioned the name of the party as the Party of National Unity.The other parties with the NARC root name were discarded because of their associations with the original NARC party with which he swept to power in the 2002 general election,and which suffered from many internal wranglings forcing the president to form the GNU,Government of National Unity.

Now it seems like truly the race for the General elections has begun in earnest,Parliament is to be dissolved shortly to pave way for the games to begin.ODM should now have a clear picture of how their main competitors campaign will pan out. The next couple of weeks will be very interesting to watch but no doubt the campaigns have been taken a notch higher by this announcement,lets watch and wait and see how all those groups working for his reelection gel under this vessel and energize themselves for the bruising battle ahead, watch this space,as we keep you posted on how the Orange party will respond to this development.