This is the holy grail for Search Engine Optimization,SEO,In Kenya: The Google "Instant" alphabet - Arsenal ... B is for BBC Sports...

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This is the holy grail for Search Engine Optimization,SEO,In Kenya: The Google "Instant" alphabet - A is for Arsenal... B is for BBC Sports...

I decided to take Google's new “Instant Search”  one-finger search for a test drive. I was pleasantly surprised ( and much vindicated) when i realised that most Kenyan's using  Google Kenya get Arsenal as the first result when they key in the letter A into the search field.
That is the most branded kenyan search item starting with the letter A, searched on,that the first result that pops up is ARSENAL (that's right, you haters) not Man U (he he)
It is now official that a brand that is called up by Google Instant, on the very first four rows of the letter, is now the golden crown for search engine optimization (SEO).
Here are the golden crowns for SEO in Kenya.

A is for Arsenal, Arsenal News, Avira Updates, Acca and Acess Kenya

B is for BBC Sports, BBC, BBC News,Baddo and Brighter Monday.

C is for CNN,Capital FM,Central Bank of Kenya and Career Point Kenya

D is for Daily Nation, Dictionary, DHL,Daily Nation e-paper and Day Star University.

E is for Equity Bank, Eastandard, Emirates, Eabl and Ebay.

F is for you guessed it Facebook,Facebook Login, Funny Quotes,Fifa and Funny Jokes.

G is for Gmail, Goal,Google Maps, Google Earth and Games.

H is for Helb, Hotmail, HP, Hinari and Hope Fm.

I is for IIEC,Idm, Itunes, Inspirational Quotes and ICPAK

J is for Jobs in Kenya, JKUAT, Jokes, Jobs and JetLink

K is for KRA, Kenya Airways, Kasneb, Kenyan Jobs and Kenyatta University.

L is for Love Qoutes, Love Poems, Love Messages,Love SMS and Lyrics.

M is for My African Career, MSN, Moi University,Mail, and a verry distant sixth Manchester United (te he he)

N is for Nation Newspaper,Nation, NHIF,NSE and Nairobi University.

O is for Orange Kenya, Opera,Octopus,Online Bible and Orange.

P is for Paul the Octopus,Piratebay, Public Service Commision of Kenya, PSC and Paypal.

Q is for Quoutes, Qeep, Queen Jane,Quote of the Day and Qatar Airways.

R is for Reliefweb, Referendum Results,Reuters,Real Player and Report Writing Jakom Raila is Number 10

S is for Safaricom, Skype,Standard Newspaper, Soccernet and Standard.

T is for Twitter, Tagged, The Sun, The Standard and Telkom Kenya.

U is for University of Nairobi, Uon, USIU,Un Jobs and Utorrent.

V is for Vlc, Vision 2030,Virgin Atlantic, Vuvuzela and Vuze

W is for,,,, and

X is for Xe, XYZ, XYZ Show,Xampp and XML.

Y is for Yahoo. Yahoomail, Youtube, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Sign In.

Z is for Zain, Zain Kenya, Zuku, Zetech College and Zain Kenya Careers.

If you can get your brand into the one-letter list you are golden. This is now the holy grail of SEO.

The other issue about crafting an accurate portrait of the psyche of the average kenyan Netizen as per the results of the top ten letter

searches will follow in the next series of articles, watch this space, this sure will make for interesting shrinking and detective work,

By the way which words do you search the most on google. Feel free to post a comment.

The Complete List of The 47 New Counties of The Republic of Kenya.

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The Complete List of The 47 New Counties of The Republic of Kenya As Per the First Schedule 6 (1) of The Constitution of Kenya .

I was doing a random search for the 47 new counties established in the Republic of Kenya under the new constitution and I was surprised even horrified to discover that Google did not provide the relevant results from the top 20 SERP's. That could only mean one of two things, that either the web documents containing this piece of information have not been properly optimized or that they don't exist at all, with the latter being highly unlikely.

I have therefore taken it upon myself as a Patriotic Kenyan and as an unabashed promoter of Search Engine Optimization,SEO and Search Engine Marketing to ensure that it gets the proper prominence it deserves among Google's Search Engine Results Pages, SERP's Here goes the 47 Counties of the Republic of Kenya as Established by the New Constitution.

4.Tana River.
6.Taita Taveta.
13.Tharaka Nithi.
24.West Pokot.
26.Trans Nzoia.
27.Uasin Gishu.
43.Homa Bay.
47.Nairobi City.

The above 47 counties will form the basis for the new government structure of the Republic of Kenya you can acquaint yourself with the New Constitution and even download a copy of it in pdf format from The Kenya Law dot Org Website Here.and from The Nation Media Site Here

Cloud Computing For Dummies.

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Cloud Computing Explained

Custom Search

Would you like to be able to use computer hardware or software without having to purchase it? With cloud computing you can. What's more, cloud computing is scalable, allowing you to shrink or enlarge your system as your requirements change.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a set of pooled computing resources and services delivered over the web. When mapped, the relationship between the elements resembles a cloud - or a cluster of elements, instead of a linear flow between fewer elements.
It involves the interaction of many virtualized resources. Cloud servers connect and share information based on the level of website traffic across the entire network.
Businesses can obtain infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS), delivered over the internet.
Cloud computing is entirely different to the superficially similar and steadily declining external hosting, which merely moves the machine from your data center to someone else's. With external hosting, you pay to manage a physical machine and are subject to that machine's vulnerabilities: hardware breakdowns, resource limitations, and inflexible hosting.
By contrast, cloud computing, which is founded on virtualization, turns the machine into a virtual image that resides on a physical server in the cloud's hosting environment. However, that virtual image can be moved around, breaking the hardware dependency associated with external hosting, and your system is protected from hardware breakdowns. The cloud provider can simply move your system image to another piece of hardware while it repairs the original hardware.

Cloud Computing Has Many Other Benefits

If your system begins to exceed the resources assigned to it, more can be easily added. It also requires no long term investment in hardware or software.
"You can rent cloud computing for a week or even an hour if that is what you need," says Edray Mashiri, Infrastructure Administrator for Cytrus Technology.
Another advantage of cloud computing is that it allows you to access best-of-breed technology through third party suppliers, regardless of your investment.
"One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is its cost effectiveness," says Mashiri. "Companies have been able to cut costs of web infrastructure by as much as 60% by switching to cloud computing," he says.
"It can also be used to test products for compatibility with different environments," says Mashiri

Dangers Of The Trail

Mashiri warns that, as cloud computing technology is new, there are a limited number of service providers with expertise in implementing it.
"As information is in the form of an image, cloud computing can more easily be transferred to dangerous locations and one needs to be cautious with security," says Mashiri.
Ensure that you use a reputable cloud provider who is open and transparent and sign a good service level agreement. That way you won't be locked into proprietary systems that could end up costing more over time.

Remember, cloud computing is not an all-or-nothing solution; it is something that you should adopt over time with careful consideration and planning.
Edray Mashiri is the Infrastructure Administrator for Cytrus Technology. He currently works with integrating systems and ensuring smooth running of the company's Servers and related hardware. He holds a diploma in Networking and Hardware Engineering as well as a diploma in Information Technology from BCI. Edray has also earned his certificate in Linux Security from the University of Zimbabwe and is currently completing his BCom in Informatics through UNISA. When he's not hard at work, Edray enjoys soccer and reading Christian books. Thank To Charmaine Pringle SEO Cytrus

Kenya's Viral Red Call Scare

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September 1, 2010

Kenyan mobile phone users have been in a state of panic over the last two days following the red call rumour.

The rumour started doing rounds on social media sites Twitter and Facebook yesterday. The rumour says that picking ip calls from a private number or the following numbers 7888308001, 9316048121, 9876266211, 9888854137, 9876715587 could cause death. The numbers are always in a red hence the name “red call”.

The rumour is causing panic as people are calling and sending SMS messges warning loved ones not to pick calls from unknown numbers. Panic that Fm stations have been fuelling in their breakfast shows.

The Kenyan Communication industry regulator, CCK (Communications Commission of Kenya) today released a statement terming the phenomenon a hoax.

The red call hoax is not a new occurence. The Hoax originated in Asia six years ago. The hoax has grown to become an urban legend.  Pakistan, Cambodia, the Maldives, Nigeria and Malawi have all experienced the hoax. People spread rumours about deaths from high frequency radiation that caused brain hemorrhage.

Mobile technology experts dismissed the rumours as lacking scientific basis. This is because mobile phones cannot emit high frequency radiation as alleged. They argue that if that was the case,then cell phones wouldnot be safe to use.

In the midst of this panic, it appears that the beneficiaries of this hoax would be Mobile Phone operators and Fm stations. Mobile operators will benefit from the large volume of calls and text messages driven by panicky and gullible Kenyans. The FM stations will generate controversy and get people to tune into their shows.

The whole thing is a hoax and should be treated as such. The security apparatus should also check into the same and stop people from causing public panic.
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