The Grand DALC Deception.

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I was forwarded a thread about this recurring topic on the validity or otherwise,of DALC as a valid institution of higher learning.I had once considered joining ,DALC, to pursue a course they purportedly offered,Graduate Diploma In Actuarial Studies.

My voyage began rather innocently and with great expectation as is the nature of such voyages.First and foremost i availed myself at their Nairobi west offices.Where i was interviewed about my educational level,course i was interested in blah..,.Then i left my contacts i.e e-mail and was told to expect a career placement e-mail,from their "expert"in Westlands,in a couple of days.

Alas! Wanakazi two days later, I was duly informed that due to their assessment I was eligible to enter DALC , at Graduate Diploma level.That would have been well and good,had i not been told that i could report the next monday (this being a thursday) and "commence"my studies without furnishing any documentary proof of my level of education.Now Wanakazi is the point at which alarm bells started going off in my head.

I am a logical man,and as they say when the deal is too good think twice.I could'nt help but think,that,Considering that i had just walked off the street given my qualifications without any formal documentation,and here i was on my way to a degree in Actuarial Science within 18 months in none other than the prestigious CAMBRIDGE or OXFORD no less.Nikaona wanakazi then, what was to stop a makanga(with all due respect to them) from walking straight from the street,say the self-same exact words i did and be on the way to a Bsc Actuarial Science From The top two Science universitys in the Globe!!!,at the friendly cost of 7900 KSHS per month,flexible hours,start anytime programme.
So i decided to do some little cybersnooping(i'm a Web Designer so i am adept at this type of exercise)and this is what i dug out.First and foremost Prof.Doc.Edu Humphrey Oborah as his homepage says,check it out.

Figure 1. "Doctor" Oborah Receiving His Phd.

" Prof. Dr. Edu. Humphrey Oborah, has been researching after attaining his PhD on Gift and Talent Testing with a bias to Career Forecasting. His research has produced Bio-medical Education to be used in the next century and focuses on Early Establishment of Brain Intelligence.

He becomes the third African to become a Full Professor of The Prestigious European Academy of Intellectuals/Informatization.

The European Academy of Intellectuals was started by Royal Decree to recognize top PhD research and in this regard would award successful candidates Full Professorship or Grand Professorship depending on how the research has been used to uplift human dignity. They usually recommend such candidates for Nobel Peace Prize".

I did not put those words in his mouth there are in the mans homepage.Now it would have been comical ,considering the very pompous and highfalutin nature of titles and very liberal use of bad grammar,if not tragic considering the following sequence of events.If you follow those links they shed very little light about his post secondary education,and what if any papers he has written because the ones he cites are virtually non existent.Most links are missing,in the site and at the convocation of his PHD ,see image above. its an obscure affair in what looks like a chapel attended by two other white people under achievements.One asks therefore how come such a momentous occasion for the Director of DALC,Which has 18 regional centres be such a humdrum low key affair?.

Wanakazi the plot of the con continues to thicken.Now if you will please check out this BBC article on this link ( you will see how this scam was busted,Exposed by the BBC no less earlier this year,by the way the article is titled"Bogus university scam uncovered".

The main characters in this global cartel are 1)Executive President Professor Hardeep Singh Sandhu, a Malaysian businessman and faculty member 2)Dr Edwin Varo.3) President Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe 4)Prof Baron James Woller.Now let us employ the scientific method and analyse the backgrounds of these shady characters who in one or another are linked to DALC and who sit on the executive body of this institution.

Executive President Professor Hardeep Singh Sandhu,according to the BBC tv documentary,The International Irish University said it had a campus in Dublin ,This Campus does not EXIST. They further claim that their programmes are accredited by the,QAC-UK Ltd - the Quality Assurance Commission based in North London.,The BBC reporter visited the QAC and instead of finding a commissioner general he found four telephonists fielding calls for countless companies at yet another virtual office in plain english a BOGUS organisation that is registered to the same Prof Sandhu who is a Doctor of Letters, a doctorate awarded by another unaccredited university based in the Caribbean.

His professorship is "honorary", awarded by a European association set up to give out professorships.On the website he also called himself "Sir H Sandhu" but his knighthood was not bestowed on him by the Queen.So not only is the"QAC",A QUACK but also the OXIM, IIU,According to this BBC article titled"State in threat to sue fake Irish university" read the full article here he has breached that countries laws by no small measure.

Enter the fourth character,The IIU Honorary Chancellor who is listed as His Excellency Baron Knowth -- real name Prof Jeffrey Wooller, Now this character is on record admitting that"that the IIU was not "recognised anywhere",and that the website was an illusion: "When you look at the website, it's a figment of someone's imagination. Someone's dreamt up what a university should look like, and that's what's on the website.

"The guy further goes on to mention that students paid a lot of money to attend the award ceremonies, adding: "If you can mention Oxford, Cambridge then the whole world thinks that it must be a good university."This wanakazi,is the selfsame trick Prof.Dr.Edu Oborah is using on gullible kenyans,how long will we wait to expose these characters.Or are we waiting for it to explode like the pyramid scheme or the 11,000 offshore jobs scams of yesteryears?,by the way this guy Prof Woller owns a £1.2m townhouse in Kensington but spends most of his time living as a tax exile in Monte Carlo.This gives you an idea of roughly how much cash these chaps are minting from their nefarious activities.

Back to this European Academy of Interlectuals/Informatization during,I snooped around this organisation does not exist.It Exists in the imagination of the fourth major player in this scam, President Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe at face value this seems like a pretty serious organization which should be well known in europe shouldn't it?.Wrong it is not.Furthermore if you check out this guys biography posted on this website,click here to follow the link or cut and paste to your browser.

You begin to realise that you are dealing with a potential psychopath,go on just read it for yourself.In addition check out this other related link to further unravel the man.
where the man rambles on about how
he has over 40 years experience in different technical and scientific field such as mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Biophysics and Medicine as Managing Director, President of several companies and Chief of Staff of Hospitals and Medical Centre worldwide. His numerous inventions are used in the US-Aerospace Industry, medical industry, by environmental agencies and influenced the development of high-tech instruments and equipment used for medical treatments and Wellness. For the design of the Genopuls Philosophy, Prof. Kempe received highest academic and scientific honours and medals".

I feel for my brothers and sisters who have been duped by these chaps through DALC.
Upon my further online snooping i chanced on these sites that i had to translate from german to english from the following link here .

This guy has been the director of two companies based in Basel Switzerland that were deleted by the local registrar of companies these are the exact details qoute "Status: gelöscht deleted
Löschdatum: Deletion: 05.12.2006
Rechtsform: Legal status: Einzelfirma Single Company
Sitz: Headquarters: Basel (BS) Basel (BS)
Zweck: Purpose: Internationale Forschung auf den Gebieten der Biophysik und Energiemedizin. International research in the fields of biophysics and energy medicine.

So the long and short of these story is that none of these companies these guy has registered do exist,i suspect there are but clever avenues for money laundering.Considering the reputation of some swiss firms as havens for money laundering,because there seems to be a pattern he opens two companies within two years and they deal in obscure bussinesses,then they each close within a year of opening.Sounds like maybe he is a snakeoil salesman or maybe he sells aircraft side mirrors and ship jacks.

So wanakazi fungueni macho muone(open your eyes) and stop being conned.Just tell your relatives to stop wasting their time and money in colleges of dubious distinction and instead enroll in good colleges of repute after doing,a lot of research like this humble kenyan did.
Lets say no to being conned,goodday to all of you,and if you are interested in having a website designed,re-designed,hosted or optimised drop me a line.
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