Timeline of The Live Coverage In Cairo: Hosni Mubarak Bull Of Egypt Resigns, Hands Power To The Military.

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Timeline of  The Live Coverage In Cairo: Hosni Mubarak Bull Of Egypt Resigns, Hands Power To The Military.

Update at 11:08 a.m. ET: Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators erupted in jubilation in Tahrir Square as vice president Omar Suleiman announces that President Mubarak has resigned and called on the army to "run the affairs of the country."
Update at 11:05 a.m. ET: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigne.d Vice President Omar Suleiman said in a brief televised statement. His statement in full: "Hosni Mubarak has waived the office of presidency and told the army to run the affairs of the country. "
Update at 11:03 a.m. ET: Hossam Badrawi, who was recently appointed general secretary of the NDP, resigns saying Egypt needs new parties, Al-Jazeera reports.
Update at 10:42 a.m. ET:Reuters quotes a U.S. official as describing Mubarak's departure from Cairo as a "positive first step."
Update at 10:16 a.m. ET:Al-Jazeera TV reports that one person has died and 20 injured when a police station in north Sinai town of El-Arish came under small arms fire during protests.
Update at 10:08 am. ET: Reuters, quoting witnesses, reports 1,000 protesters in the north Sinai town of El-Arish have exchanged gunfire and tossed firebombs at a police station.
Update at 10:04 am. ET: Crowds move in large numbers from Tahrir Square in Cairo to the presidential palace ahead of an "urgent and important" statement from the presidency. Thousands of other have gathered outside Egypt state TV.
Update at 9:51 am. ET: Al-Jazeera reports that two helicopters have arrived at the presidential palace ahead of a statement by the presidency. Tens of thousands of protesters have surrounded the building in a peaceful demonstration.
Update at 9:36 am. ET: Egypt state tv says to expect a statement shortly from the presidential palace, Reuters reports.
Update at 9:14 am. ET:The Associated Press quotes a local official in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh as confirming that President Mubarak is there.
Update at 8:39 am. ET: Denmark's prime minister has become the first European Union leader to publicly urge President Hosni Mubarak to step down. "Mubarak is history, Mubarak must step down," Lars Loekke Rasmussen said Friday in Copenhagen, the Associated Presss reports.
Update at 8:23 am. ET: President Mubarak and his family have left Cairo and are now in his Red Sea residence in Sharm el-Sheikh, CBS News, NBC and Al-Arabiya TV report.
Update at 8 am. ET:Egypt's military is supporting President Mubarak's plans for a transfer of power, but is not preventing hundreds of thousands of protesters to demonstrate in Tahrir Square in Cairo and to gather outside both the presidential palace and the building housing Egypt state TV, the Associated Press reports.
Update at 8 am. ET: Al Jazeera TV reports that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is preparing to issue its third statement in two days regarding the transfer of power.
Update at 6:38 am. ET: Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel laureate, says in a statement on Twitter that the "entire nation is on the streets." "Only way out is for regime to go," he tweets. "People power can't be crushed. We shall prevail. Still hope army can join"

By Pedro Ugarte, AFP/Getty Images

Update at 6:18 am. ET: In Cairo, thousands of demonstrators are blocking access to the building housing state TV, Al-Jazeera reports, keeping some employees and guests from reaching the station. Al-Arabiya TV quotes witnesses in the Egyptian city of Suez as saying protesters there have seized control of some governmental buildings.
Update at 6:14 am. ET:Protesters at Cairo's Tahrir Square have finished Friday prayers, but it is unclear whether they will continue their demonstration there or march to other locations.
As thousands of protesters keep up their call for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's Supreme Council of Armed Forces issues cautious statement promising free and fair presidential elections later this year and a conditional lifting of emergency law.
It did not specific a date for elections.
The statement also endorses Mubarak's transfer of power to his vice president and promises the lifting of the 30-year-old emergency laws "as soon as current circumstances end."
It is the second statement from the council within 24 hours as the stalemate continues in Egypt for the 18th day.
The statement, in effect, endorses the plan for transfer of power as presented Thursday by Mubarak in a national speech. In it, he announced the transfer of all presidential powers to his new vice president, Omar Suleiman, and the guarantee of free and fair elections in September.
The statement angered hundreds of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square. They vowed to continue their effort to force Mubarak from office.
Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel laureate, issued a statement afterward on Twitter, calling on the military to take over power: "Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now."
The Obama administration says the voice of the Egyptian people "must be heard" and calls on the government to clarify its plans for a transition to democracy.

Gorilla's Nest Hotel-A Top Eco-Lodge Kinigi ,Virunga Mountains,Ruhengeri,Rwanda.

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Vijana Access The Pasha Loan-Affordable Credit Facilities For The Establishment of Intergrated Digital Villages Countrywide @Kenya Constituency.

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Product Attributes
To enable prospective entrepreneurs obtain access to affordable credit facilities for the establishment of Digital Villages countrywide
The Pasha Centers are run by private entrepreneurs. Prospective entrepreneurs who apply for the Digital Villages Revolving Fund and are successful will be eligible to set up Pasha Centres.
Target market
Individuals, Youth groups, Self Help Groups, Public and Private Institutions, businesses enterprises in forms of sole proprietorship, partnerships and companies, from any constituency countrywide.
  • Kenyan Citizen, Over 18 years of Age
  • Can be Individuals
  • Entrepreneur Youth 
  • Practicing Business people
  • Retrenched/ retired employees
  • Can be Registered Kenyan company, Partnership, Non Governmental Organization, Business Associations, Limited company, Savings and Credit cooperative organization (SACCO)
Not Eligible
  • Kenya ICT Board Employees and Directors
  • Family Bank Employees
  • Government Ministry and Departments
  • State Corporations
  • Local Government authorities/ units
  • Individuals without a Valid Kenyan Citizen identification document.
  • A foreign registered Company Partnership, Non Governmental Organization
There are some basic requirements that a successful applicant must have:
Kenyan citizen above the age of 18 years old
  • Valid Kenya National Identity Card (ID) or Passport (original)
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Personal Identification Number (PIN) Certificate
  • Premises for Pasha Centre with access to electricity and internet connection
  • Capacity to contribute 10% of the total project cost
  • Demonstrate ability to repay the loan
     If applying as a legal entity
  • Certified copy of certificate of registration
  • Certified copy of local business license/certificate
  • Certified copy of business’ KRA PIN certificate
  • Certified copy of Articles & Memorandum of Association (for limited companies)
  • Certified copy of Partnership Deed (for partnerships)
  • Minutes or Letter of Resolution to apply for Pasha loan (with a company seal where applicable)
  • Sketch map to current business premises
Optional Documentation     
  • bank accounts statements of any accounts held with any Financial Institution
  • Loan statements for any current loan facilities with any financial institution
  • Business’ financial statements (if applying as a legal entity)
    (Valid reason should be given as to why the optional documents haven’t been submitted)
      For successful applicants only
  • Insurance proposal forms
  • Valid chattels mortgage(Household items)
  • Offer Letter
  • Service Level Agreement
Loan Amounts
  • To be guided by investment requirements for the Pasha Centre Project  
Mode of Repayment
  • Monthly instalments recovered directly from borrower(s) Family Bank Account
  • Maximum repayment period – 36 Months
  • Grace Period
  • 3 Months
  • Chattel Mortgage (household items) on Financed Assets
  • Monthly DVRF Entrepreneur Reporting to ensure default cases are minimized through identifying warning signs and instituting timely corrective measures
  • Interest rate - 11.5% p.a. on reducing balance
  • Insurance Premium on equipment to be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • Credit Insurance to cover death and disability - 0.35% of loan amount multiplied by the number of years (months/12)
  • Borrower’s contribution - 10% of digital village project costs
Physical Evidence
  • Approved application form by Kenya ICT Board
  • Offer Letter
  • Kenya ICT Board Service Level Agreement
General Process
Pasha Loan Application
1.    Kenya ICT Board issues public call for Pasha Loan Applications for the set up of new Pasha Centres or to improve or expand existing e-center facilities.
2.    Applicants collect application forms from designated collection points or download from FBL & Kenya ICT Board websites.
3.    Applicants submit Pasha Loan Applications together with all the required documents to the nearest FBL Branch.
4.    FBL Branch Credit Officers receive loan applications and Confirm the forms are duly completed 
  ·       All necessary documents are enclosed
  ·       Certify copies of any legal documents submitted
  ·       Register applications online and issue the applicant with an official KICTB Reference Number
5.    FBL Branch Credit Officers prescreen  applications
6.    Applicants who meet prerequisite requirements are invited for credit appraisal interview at the nearest FBL Branch.
7.    FBL Credit Branch Committee appraises the applications and selects the best applications
8.    Selected applications are subjected to home and business visits as well as verification of the intended location of the Pasha Centre and vendor quotations
9.    FBL Branch Credit Committee selects the best applications and forwards them to FBL Head Office Credit Committee
10.  FBL Head Office Credit Committee reviews the applications and selects the best three per constituency to forward to the KICTB Grants Committee
11.  Grants Committee reviews the submitted applications and selects the best application per constituency, and  notifies FBL
12.  FBL issues  the successful Applicants with an Offer Letter 
13.  Successful Applicant signs Offer Letter and Kenya ICT Board Service Level Agreement; opens a FBL bank account and deposits 10% of the project cost.  
14.  FBL disburses the loan as per the Offer Letter Terms and Conditions.
15.  Successful Applicant repays loan in installments as stipulated in the Offer Letter.
You can also visit: http://www.ict.go.ke and http://pasha.co.ke

Film festival: Images de France, Feb. 14-20 2010 @ Alliance Francaise/Silverbird Westgate

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Tandaa Symposium on Growing Your Brand Online-You Must Be There To Understand Online Branding@Sarova Stanley « East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge

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Tandaa Symposium on Growing Your Brand Online-You Must Be There To Understand Online Branding@Sarova Stanley « East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge
Delivering your brand promise in an increasingly digital world requires a whole new marketing strategy.
A recent TNS study* indicates that internet usage in Kenya has more than doubled in the last two years. An estimated 6.69 million Kenyans have access to the internet and according to TNS, 76% of Kenyan internet users are on Facebook. With increasing access to laptops, broadband internet and web enable mobile phones, Kenyan consumers are changing the way they interact with their favorite brands.
So Should Your Brand Be On Facebook?
So should your brand be on Facebook? How should you manage your Twitter handle? The first Tandaa Symposium of the year will explore the opportunities and risks the Internet and social media offer Kenyan brands today.
The internet may seem like an overcrowded platform in which to compete. With real-time news, celebrity gossip and millions of intriguing web pages to browse–not to mention engaging and all consuming social media sites–attracting and holding consumer’s attention may seem like an uphill task. But today’s savvy marketing or brand manager must find innovative ways to maximize online spend in a crowded and competitive platform.
Beyond offering a platform to communicate your brand promise, the Internet, especially social networks, also offer the unique opportunity to better understand your customer. The data and insight from online social interaction with consumers can contribute significantly to how your company designs new products and campaigns.
Understanding how to effectively grow your brand online is therefore crucial for every marketing or brand manager. The Tandaa Symposium will give you insights on how to update your marketing strategy to make the most of today’s digital world. Courtesy of Tandaa Kenya
Join our Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/tandaakenya
Follow us on Twitter: @tandaakenya

Tandaa Symposium on Growing Your Brand Online-You Must Be There To Understand Online Branding@Sarova Stanley « East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge.

Spot On Events Management Articles.-East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge

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Excellent Corporate Team Building Events and Exercises To Boost Your Organizations Productivity. « East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge

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Excellent Corporate Team Building Events and Exercises To Boost Your Organizations Productivity.

Excellent Team Building Events and Exercises To Boost Your Organizations Productivity.
Kenya's 7s Rugby Team
Kenya's 7s Rugby Team
This document is all about understanding teams and team building training; the purpose of team building activities; why corporate team building events can be effective; planning a team building strategy; building creative teams.
Why have a team building activity or event?
This is a phrase we hear a lot these days: ‘we need some kind of teambuilding activity’. Corporate team building events are on the increase: everyone seems to be having them these days. But are they living up to expectations?
See, from our point of view, often the people talking about team building don’t really know what they mean.
The reality is, that many, if not most, team building activities don’t work. They should. All that thought, effort, money, planning should make your team building event exciting, worthwhile and productive.
It’s as if we all know that teams are good. We understand the sum of the parts thing, but we don’t quite know how to make a team work in the way we’d like it to, so we think, ‘My team isn’t working as well as it could; a team building will sort it all out.’
Why a team building event?
When people say they want a team building event their picture is of this perfectly working group of people. But they don’t take the time to pin that picture down and really get clear what the issues are. If they did that then their team building activity would certainly help them get their team working more effectively.
So, before you can even tackle the ‘how’ you need to tackle the ‘why’.
Here are some questions that will help you clarify ‘why a team building event’.
Do you want people working better together? Do you want to set new team goals and agreements? Do you need to iron out communication difficulties that have crept in? Do you want a jolly – to reward the team for being terrific? Do you simply want to get everyone’s creative juices going and brainstorm new ideas? Do you need to set clear parameters and boundaries so everyone knows what’s expected of them? Do you want to inject some fresh enthusiasm and energy into a group that’s been working too hard and may have lost sight of the goal posts? Have the goals posts moved and you need to let everyone know that?
Benefits of team building activity
A good corporate team building event can tackle many of the challenges facing your team. There are real payoffs and advantages to being part of a well-functioning team. To begin with, it’s just pleasanter being around people who get on.
More importantly, real benefits include:
A feeling of identity On-going support Creative pooling of ideas Increased confidence Things tend to work better as a result of team effort You aren’t alone Goals that make sense You don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel If you do have to reinvent the wheel for some reason, so is everyone else in the team
A team building training can address a huge range of issues you may be facing and certainly make work a better place to be.
How teams work
What is a team?
It may help you decide what your team building activity is going to look like if you understand a bit more about how teams work. And, get this – no matter what the books say (and there are plenty of them) – every single team is different: there is no model you can follow that will create the perfect team.
You’ll read that you need ideas people, drivers, completer-finishers, etc., etc., etc. And yes, possibly you do need a variety of ‘types’. But for our money, the ‘types’ are far less important than ensuring that your team knows why it exists and what its aims are.
So let’s look first at just exactly what being a team means. You might think that the very word ‘team’ is clear in and of itself: a group of people working towards shared goals. We wish it were that straightforward. As it isn’t, we thought we would unpick it a bit.
Sports teams
Kenya's Successful Rugby Team.
Kenya's Successful Rugby Team.
The most obvious kind of team that everyone knows about is a sports team. Every team member is on the same side trying to beat the opposition. They train together, get to understand how to make the most of each other’s skills, and when working well, they are able to fulfil the manager or coach’s strategy.
They know who their opposition is and they have very clear goals. Yes, there may be personality quirks and differences, but the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.
Work teams
However, it’s not quite so straightforward when it comes to work teams, though, is it? Personalities, which in a sporting context might get absorbed by the team for the good of the game, often take centre stage in the workplace.
The oddest thing of all, of course, is that it’s not always clear who the ‘opposition’ is. You’d think it would be the competition – whoever your closest corporate rival is. Unfortunately, far too often, the opposition turns out to be right at home base: another team or department, the ‘management’ or someone sitting right beside you.
The common enemy
Now the thing about ‘opposition’ is that it gives a common focus, a common ‘enemy’ if you will. Now that’s great if it’s productive. Creative ideas can pour out of a group when they have to figure out how to handle the competition.
However, when the common enemy is someone or some group or some department, or the ‘them’ and ‘they’ are within the same company, the results are divisiveness, gossip, complaining. The end result of this is, of course, a loss of productivity and people working against, not for each other.
Then it’s all about ‘them’ and ‘us’, with people running around using their energies to get more of ‘us’ to agree just what’s wrong with ‘them’. We see this in company after company after company – people are spending vast amounts of time and energy having a ‘go’ at each other rather than using that same amount of time and energy to make things work better.
This is one of the key reasons why team building is such a hot topic. People can easily recognise that something needs to be done, but they aren’t quite sure what.
Defining your team
Kinds of teams
These days we see a lot of ‘virtual’ teams – people who hardly ever see each other, or even work in the same office or even the same country.
Then there are teams that all sit in an open plan space and chat with each other all day as things arise.
There are teams where people sit in separate spaces and get together once a day/week/fortnight.
There are teams that seem to do all their communicating via e-mail or conference calls.
There are teams that work on projects together and others where people go off and do their own thing and come together every once in a while to report and bring everyone else up to date.
Whatever your team looks like, however, it still has to be able to function well and achieve its goals.
What teams aren’t
They don’t have to be a family People don’t have to be bosom buddies People don’t even have to like each enough to want to have dinner together Teams aren’t group therapy
Teams can, however, on occasion, be any or all of those things.
Team building training
Effective team building
Teams are complex machines and it’s not surprising that they malfunction occasionally or need re-alignment. Every once in a while all teams need an MOT, so of course, you want to ensure that your team building event is as effective as it can be.
The one thing that everyone recognises is that your team building activity needs to be done away from the office environment. The idea is to slow things right down; to get away from e-mails, phone calls, questions and demands, being asked to pop into unscheduled meetings, people dropping by.
Moving away from the daily grind.
It means getting away from all the day-to-day stuff that sometimes makes it hard to see what’s going on and what’s needed.
Here are a few hints and tips to make planning your team building event more effective:
Everyone needs to have some input into what the team building event should accomplish Listen carefully to people’s concerns and incorporate them in the team building training No one should ever be put on the spot or humiliated People shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want to People learn better when they’re having fun Focus on the positives of the team rather than just what isn’t working
Team building activities
Once you know what you want your event to achieve, then you can decide what it’s going to look like. You can do the go-carting thing, the throwing people off Welsh mountains thing. You can have the cosy get-away in a country hotel thing. You can have it non-stop fun, be business focused or have a bit of both.
There are hundreds of different team building exercises, games, workshops, courses, all designed to get your team working better and handling the day-to-day challenges in the workplace.
There is no ‘right’ kind of team building activity, only the one that’s right for you.
The key always is to ensure that your event has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team and its individual members.
Thanks To Robin Chandler
Excellent Corporate Team Building Events and Exercises To Boost Your Organizations Productivity. « East Africa Events Kahawa Lounge