Gerishon Kirima Is Dead-Let Us Pray for His Family.

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Veteran Kenyan Politician Gerishon Kirima Is Dead-R.I.P

The African Union Appoints Kenya's Premier Raila Amolo Odinga As Chief Mediator Of The Ivory Coast Electoral Crisis.

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Prime Minister Raila Odinga wants the international community to coerce president of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo out of power to avert a recurrence of a civil strife in the West African country.
Raila Amolo Odinga Chuma Liet Mar Laurent Gbagbo.
He asked the United Nation and The African Union to act decisively in forcing the incumbent president to concede defeat and relinquish power to opposition leader Alassane Ouattara who won the recent general polls.
 "The United Nations African Union and Other International bodies and leaders have recognized that Mr. Ouattara as the winner. The next step must be to ensure that recognition translates into transfer of power" Odinga said.
 He proposed to the international community to use all means including military intervention and sanctions to force Gbagbo to hand over power arguing that the trend was retrogressive to the democratic gains the continent had made.
The Premier told an international press conference at his office that a decision must be made urgently as the intended sanction may only be applicable after innocent civilians were killed or maimed in the ensuing power struggles and chaos.
Laurent Gbagbo
"The world Cannot Expect Gbagbo to act in the interest of democracy or to make a decision that favours his people when he defies a decision the citizen delivered through the ballot" he stressed.
Odinga expressed fears that the World might soon relapse into the coming Christmas festivities and forget the dilemma the Ivorians were facing and urged leaders to safeguard the interest of the civilians.
The Premier was reacting to reports to the effect that a civil war was looming large in Ivorian capital Abidjan after forces loyal to Defeated President Gbagbo opened fire on protesters.
Preliminary reports indicated that at least nine supporters of Opposition Leader Ouattara were shot dead after attempting to march to the head quarters of the state run television. KBC

New Years At Rondo Retreat Centre- Kakamega Equatorial Forest, Kenya's Top Retreat Venue

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Rondo Retreat Centre.

New Years At Rondo Retreat Centre- Kakamega Equatorial Forest, Kenya's Top Retreat Venue

Offer Rondo Retreat Centre- Kakamega Forest Kenya's Top Religious Retreat Venue Kenya rondo retreat, kakamega forest, kakamega

FaceBook World 2010: Kenya Shines A Light For The "Dark Continent"

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Hong Kong, China (CNN) There is something plainly fascinating about Paul Butler's map of the world. The Facebook intern used data from the social networking site to create a map of people's friendships across the globe and to see how they related to geographical and political boundaries. After experimenting with different techniques, he ended up using arced, weighted lines to connect cities based on the volume of the Facebook friendships between them.
In Butler's words, the result is "a surprisingly detailed map of the world. Not only were continents visible, certain international borders were apparent as well. What really struck me, though, was knowing that the lines didn't represent coasts or rivers or political borders, but real human relationships."
The lines also map out, to a large extent, Facebook's global penetration. One is struck by the fluorescent clusters in the United States and Europe, where Facebook is widely used; the clear contours of Indonesia, home of the most Facebook users in Asia; and Kenya is representing very well for the dark continent.

There is the very self-same map with the countries overlaid and for sure Africa and China have quite a long way to go. Thanks to Jon Chui.

Ole-Sereni Hotel-Rooms & Honeymoon Getaways Nairobi. Kenya

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The ICC Prosecutor Louis Moreno O'Campo Finally Names The Six Kenyan's Who Hold The Greatest Responsibility For The 2007-2008 Post Election Violence-Uhuru, Ruto, Muthaura, Ali, Sang and Kosgey

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The Cat is Finally out of The Box O'Campo Names the six Kenyans Who in the ICC's Opinion Bear the Greatest Responsibility for the 2007/2008 Kenya's Post Election Violence.

And Ruto Wept-Coincidentally Henry Kosgei Is Right Behind Him Birds of A Feather, Flock Together.

William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto.-Suspended Higher Education Minister of the Republic of Kenya.
Ala! Kumbe O'Campo Alikuwa Serious Na Hii Story, Woi.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance of The Republic of Kenya.

"Perhaps If I Pretend To Be Blind I Might Convince O'Campo That I Saw Now Evil, Heard No Evil And Did No Evil."

Francis Kirimi Muthaura-Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet of the Republic of Kenya.
  "Let Me Start Crying In Advance The Mursik This Christmas Will Be A Bitter Mix To Swallow Thanks To Arap Okambo-Na Huyo Asikanyage Eltoret!"
Joshua Arap Sang-Senior Editor and Head of Operations KASS FM .

"Wallahi Waria! Ningejua Singekula Mugoka Ningebaki Na Giza, Na Hivyo O'Campo Pia Angebaki Pia Kwa Giza".

Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali- Former Commissioner of the Kenya Police. 

"Tugun! Huyu O'Campo Si Ajaribu Tu Bole Bole Kuingia Tinderet Ili Apate Cha Mtema Kuni".

Henry Kosgei-ODM Chairman and  Kenya's Minister of Industrialization.

Homeboyz Entertainment Limited-Kenya's Top Dj's For All Events Kenya Baricho Road,Nairobi, Kenya

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Media Kali-Top Venue For Home Rentals & Viewing of Movies,Music and Games, Langata, Nairobi, Kenya

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Davis Hilary Ntare From Uganda Is The Tusker Project Fame Winner Season Four-He Takes Home Five Million Shillings And A Recording Contract

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Davis Hilary Ntare From Uganda Is The Tusker Project Fame Winner Season Four, He Pockets Five Million In Cash And A Recording Contract. 

Congratulations Davis Hilary Ntare.

Davis is a multi-talented individual with an interest in music production and performance, abstract art, photography and song writing. Soundtrack is the consummate altruist and uses his art and Music to reach out to people in a positive way, he says on his Facebook page. Congratulations Davis, God Bless You.

Surely God Works In Mysterious Ways From Being Rejected Last Year To Being In The Stratosphere This Year! Congratulations From Marcel Masaga and The entire staff at Events East Africa

CyberSnooping Per Excellence Mirror Sites For Wikileaks Cablegate-Touching on The Kenyan Goverment Leaked US Documents.

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Assange has done it yet again after concerted attacks from NSA hackers and other agencies they have decided to mirror their explosive content with the swedish website if you want to know the truth and have the truth set you free download them here and share.

"For ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"

Offer Debonairs Pizza-Muindi Mbingu Kenya Debonairs,Muindi Mbingu,Nairobi

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Your Download Source For The Controversial Leaked Wikileaks US Foreign Affairs Cables,Cablegate, On Kenya

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Your Download Source For The Controversial Leaked Wikileaks US Foreign                Affairs Cables,Cablegate, On Kenya.
Wikileaks Logo.

The Americans Have Effectively Shoved Their Long Cherished First Amendment , The Freedom of The Press and The Freedom Of Information Acts of Their Almighty Constitution, Uppa Tha Bummy. To Add Insult To Injury They Are Engaging In State Sponsored Cyber-Terrorism By Hacking Into The Servers Using Denial of Service Attacks. 

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange.

Hypocrisy At Its Brutest. Long Live Julian Assange And Other Internet Activists. Anyway Niko Nayo Yote Inspite of The US NSA Hackers Tireless Efforts to Prevent This Information From Being In The Public Domain, Follow The Link, Read and Learn.http://public.tableausoftw 

This is the holy grail for Search Engine Optimization,SEO,In Kenya: The Google "Instant" alphabet - Arsenal ... B is for BBC Sports...

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This is the holy grail for Search Engine Optimization,SEO,In Kenya: The Google "Instant" alphabet - A is for Arsenal... B is for BBC Sports...

I decided to take Google's new “Instant Search”  one-finger search for a test drive. I was pleasantly surprised ( and much vindicated) when i realised that most Kenyan's using  Google Kenya get Arsenal as the first result when they key in the letter A into the search field.
That is the most branded kenyan search item starting with the letter A, searched on,that the first result that pops up is ARSENAL (that's right, you haters) not Man U (he he)
It is now official that a brand that is called up by Google Instant, on the very first four rows of the letter, is now the golden crown for search engine optimization (SEO).
Here are the golden crowns for SEO in Kenya.

A is for Arsenal, Arsenal News, Avira Updates, Acca and Acess Kenya

B is for BBC Sports, BBC, BBC News,Baddo and Brighter Monday.

C is for CNN,Capital FM,Central Bank of Kenya and Career Point Kenya

D is for Daily Nation, Dictionary, DHL,Daily Nation e-paper and Day Star University.

E is for Equity Bank, Eastandard, Emirates, Eabl and Ebay.

F is for you guessed it Facebook,Facebook Login, Funny Quotes,Fifa and Funny Jokes.

G is for Gmail, Goal,Google Maps, Google Earth and Games.

H is for Helb, Hotmail, HP, Hinari and Hope Fm.

I is for IIEC,Idm, Itunes, Inspirational Quotes and ICPAK

J is for Jobs in Kenya, JKUAT, Jokes, Jobs and JetLink

K is for KRA, Kenya Airways, Kasneb, Kenyan Jobs and Kenyatta University.

L is for Love Qoutes, Love Poems, Love Messages,Love SMS and Lyrics.

M is for My African Career, MSN, Moi University,Mail, and a verry distant sixth Manchester United (te he he)

N is for Nation Newspaper,Nation, NHIF,NSE and Nairobi University.

O is for Orange Kenya, Opera,Octopus,Online Bible and Orange.

P is for Paul the Octopus,Piratebay, Public Service Commision of Kenya, PSC and Paypal.

Q is for Quoutes, Qeep, Queen Jane,Quote of the Day and Qatar Airways.

R is for Reliefweb, Referendum Results,Reuters,Real Player and Report Writing Jakom Raila is Number 10

S is for Safaricom, Skype,Standard Newspaper, Soccernet and Standard.

T is for Twitter, Tagged, The Sun, The Standard and Telkom Kenya.

U is for University of Nairobi, Uon, USIU,Un Jobs and Utorrent.

V is for Vlc, Vision 2030,Virgin Atlantic, Vuvuzela and Vuze

W is for,,,, and

X is for Xe, XYZ, XYZ Show,Xampp and XML.

Y is for Yahoo. Yahoomail, Youtube, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Sign In.

Z is for Zain, Zain Kenya, Zuku, Zetech College and Zain Kenya Careers.

If you can get your brand into the one-letter list you are golden. This is now the holy grail of SEO.

The other issue about crafting an accurate portrait of the psyche of the average kenyan Netizen as per the results of the top ten letter

searches will follow in the next series of articles, watch this space, this sure will make for interesting shrinking and detective work,

By the way which words do you search the most on google. Feel free to post a comment.

The Complete List of The 47 New Counties of The Republic of Kenya.

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The Complete List of The 47 New Counties of The Republic of Kenya As Per the First Schedule 6 (1) of The Constitution of Kenya .

I was doing a random search for the 47 new counties established in the Republic of Kenya under the new constitution and I was surprised even horrified to discover that Google did not provide the relevant results from the top 20 SERP's. That could only mean one of two things, that either the web documents containing this piece of information have not been properly optimized or that they don't exist at all, with the latter being highly unlikely.

I have therefore taken it upon myself as a Patriotic Kenyan and as an unabashed promoter of Search Engine Optimization,SEO and Search Engine Marketing to ensure that it gets the proper prominence it deserves among Google's Search Engine Results Pages, SERP's Here goes the 47 Counties of the Republic of Kenya as Established by the New Constitution.

4.Tana River.
6.Taita Taveta.
13.Tharaka Nithi.
24.West Pokot.
26.Trans Nzoia.
27.Uasin Gishu.
43.Homa Bay.
47.Nairobi City.

The above 47 counties will form the basis for the new government structure of the Republic of Kenya you can acquaint yourself with the New Constitution and even download a copy of it in pdf format from The Kenya Law dot Org Website Here.and from The Nation Media Site Here

Cloud Computing For Dummies.

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Cloud Computing Explained

Custom Search

Would you like to be able to use computer hardware or software without having to purchase it? With cloud computing you can. What's more, cloud computing is scalable, allowing you to shrink or enlarge your system as your requirements change.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a set of pooled computing resources and services delivered over the web. When mapped, the relationship between the elements resembles a cloud - or a cluster of elements, instead of a linear flow between fewer elements.
It involves the interaction of many virtualized resources. Cloud servers connect and share information based on the level of website traffic across the entire network.
Businesses can obtain infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS), delivered over the internet.
Cloud computing is entirely different to the superficially similar and steadily declining external hosting, which merely moves the machine from your data center to someone else's. With external hosting, you pay to manage a physical machine and are subject to that machine's vulnerabilities: hardware breakdowns, resource limitations, and inflexible hosting.
By contrast, cloud computing, which is founded on virtualization, turns the machine into a virtual image that resides on a physical server in the cloud's hosting environment. However, that virtual image can be moved around, breaking the hardware dependency associated with external hosting, and your system is protected from hardware breakdowns. The cloud provider can simply move your system image to another piece of hardware while it repairs the original hardware.

Cloud Computing Has Many Other Benefits

If your system begins to exceed the resources assigned to it, more can be easily added. It also requires no long term investment in hardware or software.
"You can rent cloud computing for a week or even an hour if that is what you need," says Edray Mashiri, Infrastructure Administrator for Cytrus Technology.
Another advantage of cloud computing is that it allows you to access best-of-breed technology through third party suppliers, regardless of your investment.
"One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is its cost effectiveness," says Mashiri. "Companies have been able to cut costs of web infrastructure by as much as 60% by switching to cloud computing," he says.
"It can also be used to test products for compatibility with different environments," says Mashiri

Dangers Of The Trail

Mashiri warns that, as cloud computing technology is new, there are a limited number of service providers with expertise in implementing it.
"As information is in the form of an image, cloud computing can more easily be transferred to dangerous locations and one needs to be cautious with security," says Mashiri.
Ensure that you use a reputable cloud provider who is open and transparent and sign a good service level agreement. That way you won't be locked into proprietary systems that could end up costing more over time.

Remember, cloud computing is not an all-or-nothing solution; it is something that you should adopt over time with careful consideration and planning.
Edray Mashiri is the Infrastructure Administrator for Cytrus Technology. He currently works with integrating systems and ensuring smooth running of the company's Servers and related hardware. He holds a diploma in Networking and Hardware Engineering as well as a diploma in Information Technology from BCI. Edray has also earned his certificate in Linux Security from the University of Zimbabwe and is currently completing his BCom in Informatics through UNISA. When he's not hard at work, Edray enjoys soccer and reading Christian books. Thank To Charmaine Pringle SEO Cytrus

Kenya's Viral Red Call Scare

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September 1, 2010

Kenyan mobile phone users have been in a state of panic over the last two days following the red call rumour.

The rumour started doing rounds on social media sites Twitter and Facebook yesterday. The rumour says that picking ip calls from a private number or the following numbers 7888308001, 9316048121, 9876266211, 9888854137, 9876715587 could cause death. The numbers are always in a red hence the name “red call”.

The rumour is causing panic as people are calling and sending SMS messges warning loved ones not to pick calls from unknown numbers. Panic that Fm stations have been fuelling in their breakfast shows.

The Kenyan Communication industry regulator, CCK (Communications Commission of Kenya) today released a statement terming the phenomenon a hoax.

The red call hoax is not a new occurence. The Hoax originated in Asia six years ago. The hoax has grown to become an urban legend.  Pakistan, Cambodia, the Maldives, Nigeria and Malawi have all experienced the hoax. People spread rumours about deaths from high frequency radiation that caused brain hemorrhage.

Mobile technology experts dismissed the rumours as lacking scientific basis. This is because mobile phones cannot emit high frequency radiation as alleged. They argue that if that was the case,then cell phones wouldnot be safe to use.

In the midst of this panic, it appears that the beneficiaries of this hoax would be Mobile Phone operators and Fm stations. Mobile operators will benefit from the large volume of calls and text messages driven by panicky and gullible Kenyans. The FM stations will generate controversy and get people to tune into their shows.

The whole thing is a hoax and should be treated as such. The security apparatus should also check into the same and stop people from causing public panic.
Courtesy of Mike

Violation Of Airspace Around Obama's Plane Scrambles Fighter Jets That Cause Sonic Booms SEATTLE (AP) ― Violation of airspace around Obama's plane scrambles fighter jets that cause sonic booms.

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Violation Of Airspace Around Obama's Plane Scrambles Fighter Jets That Cause Sonic Booms

SEATTLE (AP) ― Violation of airspace around Obama's plane scrambles fighter jets that cause sonic booms.more

President Obama Honoring The 2009 US Medal of Freedom Recipients-The United States of America's Highest Civilian Medal.

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THE PRESIDENT: There are many honors and privileges bestowed on the occupant of this house, but few mean as much to me as the chance to award America's highest civilian medal to the recipients that are here today. This is a chance for me -- and for the United States of America -- to say thank you to some of the finest citizens of this country, and of all countries.

The men and women we honor today have led very different lives and pursued very different careers. They're pioneers in science and medicine. They're gifted artists and indomitable athletes. They have made their mark in the courtroom, in the community, and in Congress. And what unites them is a belief -- that most -- forgive me to those of you who are not Americans -- but what we consider to be that most American of beliefs -- that our lives are what we make of them; that no barriers of race, gender, or physical infirmity can restrain the human spirit; and that the truest test of a person's life is what we do for one another.

The recipients of the Medal of Freedom did not set out to win this or any other award. They did not set out in pursuit of glory or fame or riches. Rather, they set out, guided by passion, committed to hard work, aided by persistence, often with few advantages but the gifts, grace, and good name God gave them.
So, let them stand as an example here in the United States -- and around the world -- of what we can achieve in our own lives. Let them stand as an example of the difference we can make in the lives of others. Let each of their stories stand as an example of a life well lived.

One of the last things Suzy Komen did before she passed away was ask her sister Nancy to make her a promise. Nancy promised her she would prevent other families battling breast cancer from hurting the way theirs had. What began with $200 and a list of friends has become a global Race for the Cure, a campaign that has eased the pain and saved the lives of millions around the world. In the months after her sister's death, Nancy lay awake at night, thinking about the promise she had made and wondering whether one person could really make a difference. Nancy's life is the answer.

While an intern at Miami's Jackson Memorial, Dr. Pedro José Greer came across a patient in a coma without a known name or address -- a homeless man, found by firefighters, suffering from tuberculosis. In the days that followed, the physician Little Havana knows as Dr. Joe searched for clues about the patient's life in the squalor under Miami's highways. Deciding that Miami's homeless deserved better, Dr. Greer founded Camillus Health Concern, a clinic that now offers care to over 4,000 poor and homeless patients. It's a life that might be distilled into a question Dr. Greer asks all of us: "If we don't fight injustice, who will?"

Professor Stephen Hawking was a brilliant man and a mediocre student -- (laughter) -- when he lost his balance and tumbled down a flight of stairs. Diagnosed with a rare disease and told he had just a few years to live, he chose to live with new purpose. And happily, in the four decades since, he has become one of the world's leading scientists. His work in theoretical physics -- which I will not attempt to explain further here -- (laughter) -- has advanced our understanding of the universe. His popular books have advanced the cause of science itself. From his wheelchair, he's led us on a journey to the farthest and strangest reaches of the cosmos. In so doing, he has stirred our imagination and shown us the power of the human spirit here on Earth.

Told he was too small to play college football, Jack Kemp became a pro quarterback. Cut by four teams, he led the Buffalo Bills to two championships. Football, he once said, gave him a good sense of perspective about politics: He'd "already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, [and traded]." (Laughter.) Makes me feel better. (Laughter.) A conservative thinker, a Republican leader, and a defender of civil rights, he was that rare patriot who put country over party, never forgetting what he learned on the gridiron -- that it takes each of us doing our part, and all of us working together, to achieve a common goal. It's a life from which we can all draw lessons, Democrat and Republican alike.

After purchasing an $8 racket with money earned from chores, 11-year-old Billie Jean declared a goal to be the number one tennis player in the world. Yet, what we honor are not simply her 12 Grand Slam titles, 101 doubles titles, and 67 singles titles -- pretty good, Billie Jean -- (laughter) -- we honor what she calls "all the off-the-court stuff" -- what she did to broaden the reach of the game, to change how women athletes and women everywhere view themselves, and to give everyone -- regardless of gender or sexual orientation -- including my two daughters -- a chance to compete both on the court and in life. As Billie Jean once said, we should "never, ever underestimate the human spirit." Nor should we underestimate Billie Jean King's spirit.

Born and raised in Jim Crow Alabama, preaching in his blood, the Reverend Joseph Lowery is a giant of the Moses generation of civil rights leaders. It was just King, Lowery, and a few others, huddled in Montgomery, who laid the groundwork for the bus boycott and the movement that was to follow. A founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Lowery was later asked to serve as President. He agreed to serve for one year, but wound up serving, as he puts it, for 20 one-year terms. (Laughter.) Throughout his life, some have called him crazy. But one of my favorite sermons that I heard Dr. Lowery once deliver, he said: There's good crazy and there's bad crazy -- (laughter) -- and sometimes you need a little bit of that good crazy to make the world a better place.

Born just a generation past the Battle of the Little Big Horn, a grandson of a scout for General Custer himself, Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow was the first member of his tribe to attend college and earn a Master's. Before completing his PhD, he left to serve in World War II. Wearing war paint beneath his uniform, and a sacred feather beneath his helmet, Joseph Medicine Crow completed the four battlefield deeds that made him the last Crow war chief. Historian, educator, and patriot -- a good man, a bacheitche in Crow -- Dr. Medicine Crow's life reflects not only the warrior spirit of the Crow people, but America's highest ideals.

His name was Harvey Milk, and he was here to recruit us -- all of us -- to join a movement and change a nation. For much of his early life, he had silenced himself. In the prime of his life, he was silenced by the act of another. But in the brief time in which he spoke -- and ran and led -- his voice stirred the aspirations of millions of people. He would become, after several attempts, one of the first openly gay Americans elected to public office. And his message of hope -- hope unashamed, hope unafraid -- could not ever be silenced. It was Harvey who said it best: "You gotta give 'em hope."

When a young Sandra Day graduated from Stanford Law School near the top of her class -- in two years instead of the usual three -- she was offered just one job in the private sector. Her prospective employer asked her how well she typed and told her there might be work for her as a legal secretary. Now, I cannot know how she would have fared as a legal secretary -- (laughter) -- but she made a mighty fine justice of the United States Supreme Court. (Laughter and applause.) A judge and Arizona legislator, cancer survivor, child of the Texas plains, Sandra Day O'Connor is like the pilgrim in the poem she sometime quotes who has forged a new trail and built a bridge behind her for all young women to follow.

It's been said that Sidney Poitier does not make movies, he makes milestones -- milestones of artistic excellence; milestones of America's progress. On screen and behind the camera, in films such as The Defiant Ones, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Uptown Saturday Night, Lilies of the Field -- for which he became the first African American to win an Academy Award for Best Actor -- Poitier not only entertained, but enlightened, shifting attitudes, broadening hearts, revealing the power of the silver screen to bring us closer together. The child of Bahamian tomato farmers, Poitier once called his driving purpose to make himself a better person. He did -- and he made us all a little bit better along the way.

Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero -- (applause) -- knows the adversity that comes with a difficult name. (Laughter.) I can relate. (Laughter.) Known to the world by the name that has lit up Broadway marquees, Chita Rivera's career had an improbable start. Accompanying a nervous classmate on an audition, she decided to audition herself, and impressed the choreographer, Jerome Robbins, who would make her famous as Anita in West Side Story. Sassy, electric -- that rare performer who can sing, dance, and act -- Chita Rivera revealed that still rarer ability to overcome when she recovered from a car accident that shattered her leg. She ended up retaking the stage, won a Tony for Kiss of the Spider Woman. And like her unforgettable Anita, Chita Rivera has shown that life can indeed be bright in America.

The only girl in a family of four brothers, Mary Robinson learned early on what it takes to make sure all voices are heard. As a crusader for women and those without a voice in Ireland, Mary Robinson was the first woman elected President of Ireland, before being appointed U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. When she traveled abroad as President, she would place a light in her window that would draw people of Irish descent to pass by below. Today, as an advocate for the hungry and the hunted, the forgotten and the ignored, Mary Robinson has not only shone a light on human suffering, but illuminated a better future for our world.

After graduating from the University of Chicago School of Medicine in 1948, Janet Rowley got married, and gave birth to four sons, making medicine a hobby and making family her priority. It was not until she was almost 40 that she took up serious medical research, and not until almost a decade later that she discovered, hunched over her dining room table, examining small photos of chromosomes, that leukemia cells are notable for changes in their genetics -- a discovery that showed cancer is genetic, and transformed how we fight the disease. All of us have been touched in some way by cancer, including my family -- and so we can all be thankful that what began as a hobby became a life's work for Janet.

The glint in the eye and the lilt in the voice are familiar to us all. But the signature quality of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, says Nelson Mandela, is a readiness to take unpopular stands without fear. Perhaps that explains what led the Arch, as he's known, to preach amid tear gas and police dogs, rallying a people against apartheid. And later, when a free South Africa needed a heart big enough to forgive its sins, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was called to serve once more -- as chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Tribune of the downtrodden, voice of the oppressed, cantor of our conscience, Desmond Tutu possesses that sense of generosity, that spirit of unity, that essence of humanity that South Africans know simply as Ubuntu.

Thirty-five years ago, a young economics professor at a university in Bangladesh was struck by the disconnect between the theories he was teaching in class and the reality of the famine outside. So, determined to help, Mohammed Yunus left the classroom for a village, and discovered that just $27 would free dozens of artisans, vendors, and rickshaw pullers from debt. Offering himself as a guarantor, he withdrew a loan, paid off their debts, and founded Grameen Bank -- a bank that has disbursed over $8 billion, lifting millions of people from poverty with microloans. Mohammed Yunus was just trying to help a village, but he somehow managed to change the world.

There's a story Ted Kennedy sometimes tells. It's about a boy who sees an old man tossing starfish stranded by a receding tide back into the sea. "There are so many," asks the boy, "what difference can your efforts possibly make?" The old man studies the starfish in his hand and tosses it to safety, saying: "It makes a difference to that one." For nearly half a century, Ted Kennedy has been walking that beach, making a difference for that soldier fighting for freedom, that refugee looking for a way home, that senior searching for dignity, that worker striving for opportunity, that student aspiring to college, that family reaching for the American Dream. The life of Senator Edward M. Kennedy has made a difference for us all.

These are the 2009 recipients of the Medal of Freedom. At a moment when cynicism and doubt too often prevail, when our obligations to one another are too often forgotten, when the road ahead can seem too long or hard to tread, these extraordinary men and women -- these agents of change -- remind us that excellence is not beyond our abilities, that hope lies around the corner, and that justice can still be won in the forgotten corners of this world. They remind us that we each have it within our powers to fulfill dreams, to advance the dreams of others, and to remake the world for our children.

And it is now my distinct and extraordinary honor to ask each of them to come forward to receive their award, as a military aide reads their citation. (Applause.)

MILITARY AIDE: Drawing strength from tragedy, Nancy Goodman Brinker has transformed the nation's approach to breast cancer. When her sister was diagnosed in 1977, most breast cancer victims knew relatively little about the disease and suffered from popular stigmas. Nancy G. Brinker promised to challenge these norms. She founded Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of her sister, and today, the organization supports research and community awareness programs across the United States and around the world. Nancy G. Brinker's unique passion and determination have been a blessing to all those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)
Pedro José Greer Jr. (Applause.)
Dr. Pedro José "Joe" Greer Jr. has devoted his career to improving medical services for the uninsured. A native of Miami, he followed his passion for helping others to medical school and founded the Camillus Health Concern (CHC) in 1984 as a medical intern. Today, CHC treats thousands of homeless patients a year, serving as a model clinic for the poor, and inspiring physicians everywhere to work with indigent populations. Dr. Greer's tremendous contributions to the South Florida community, and our nation as a whole, stand as a shining example of the difference one person can make in the lives of many.
(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)
Stephen Hawking. (Applause.)

Persistent in his pursuit of knowledge, Stephen Hawking has unlocked new pathways of discovery and inspired people around the world. He has dedicated his life to exploring the fundamental laws that govern the universe, and he has contributed to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time. His work has stirred the imagination of experts and lay persons alike. Living with a disability and possessing an uncommon ease of spirit, Stephen Hawking's attitude and achievements inspire hope, intellectual curiosity, and respect for the tremendous power of science.

(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)

Joanne Kemp, accepting on behalf of her husband, Jack French Kemp. (Applause.)
A statesman and a sports icon, Jack French Kemp advocated for his beliefs with an unwavering integrity and intellectual honesty. On the football field, he earned the respect and admiration of his teammates for his judgment and leadership. As a public servant, he placed country before party, and ideas before ideology. Jack Kemp saw bridges where others saw divisions, and his legacy serves as a shining example for all those who strive to challenge conventional wisdom, stay true to themselves, and better our nation.
(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)

Kara Kennedy, accepting on behalf of her father, Edward M. Kennedy. (Applause.)
For more than four decades, Senator Edward M. Kennedy has boldly fought for equal opportunity, fairness, and justice for all Americans. In his tireless quest for a more perfect Union, Senator Kennedy has reformed our schools, strengthened our civil rights, helped seniors and working families, lifted up the poor, and worked to ensure that every American has access to quality and affordable health care. With volumes of laws bearing his name and countless lives touched by his extraordinary passion, Senator Kennedy has accumulated several lifetimes' worth of achievements. The United States proudly recognizes this righteous citizen, devout public servant, and giant among men.

(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)

Billie Jean Moffitt King. (Applause.)
Through her example and advocacy, Billie Jean Moffitt King has advanced the struggle for greater gender equality around the world. In an age of male-dominated sports, her pioneering journey took her from Long Beach, California, to the lawns of All England Club and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Her athletic acumen is matched only by her unwavering defense of equal rights. With Billie Jean King pushing us, the road ahead will be smoother for women, the future will be brighter for LGBT Americans, and our nation's commitment to equality will be stronger for all.

(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)

Reverend Joseph E. Lowery. (Applause.)
Reverend Joseph E. Lowery has marched through life with faith and purpose, carrying with him the legacy of a movement that touched America's conscience and changed its history. At the forefront of the major civil rights events of our time -- from the Montgomery bus boycott to protests against apartheid -- he has served as a tireless beacon for nonviolence and social justice. As a pastor and civil rights advocate, he co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and championed the cause of peace and freedom around the world. The United States proudly honors this outstanding leader.

(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)
Joseph Medicine Crow. (Applause.)

As a warrior and living legend, history flows through Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow -- High Bird. Born on a reservation and raised by traditional grandparents, he became the first member of his tribe to earn a Master's degree. For his valiant service in World War II, he was awarded the status of Crow War Chief, and his renowned studies of the first Americans and contributions to cultural and historical preservation have been critical to our understanding of America's history. Joe Medicine Crow is a symbol of strength and survival, and the United States honors him for his dedication to this country and to all Native Americans.
(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)

Stuart Milk accepting on behalf of his uncle, Harvey Bernard Milk. (Applause.)
Harvey Bernard Milk dedicated his life to shattering boundaries and challenging assumptions. As one of the first openly gay elected officials in this country, he changed the landscape of opportunity for the nation's gay community. Throughout his life, he fought discrimination with visionary courage and conviction. Before his tragic death in 1978, he wisely noted, "Hope will never be silent," and called upon Americans to stay true to the guiding principles of equality and justice for all. Harvey Milk's voice will forever echo in the hearts of all those who carry forward his timeless message.
(The medal is presented.) (Applause.)
Sandra Day O'Connor. (Applause.)

Sandra Day O'Connor has paved the way for millions of women to achieve their dreams. Completing law school in just two years, she graduated third in her class at a time when women rarely entered the legal profession. With grace and humor, tenacity and intelligence, she rose to become the first woman on the United States Supreme Court. Her historic 25-term tenure on the Court was defined by her integrity and independence, and she has earned the nation's lasting gratitude for her invaluable contributions to history and the law

Information Engineering a Brief Definition from Diverse Sources.

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In the 21st century, competitiveness of a nation depends on one’s Information Technology (IT) performance measurement and the technology development of the majority of the IT- related core projects is being accelerated worldwide. To meet this worldwide demand, the Department of Information Communications Engineering offers creative education programs, equipped with problem solving and IT technology development skills, to nurture global leaders of the information-oriented society.

In particular, with a goal to foster students to broaden their understanding and gain deeper insights of the IT related fields, the department offers designed track system convergence programs by breaking barriers among different engineering disciplines such as information, communication, and electronics, The department houses the Optical Internet Research Center, the Grid Middleware Research Center, Mobile Multimedia Research Center, Radio-Education and Research Center, Soft Engineering Research Center, Intelligent RF Research Center and actively participates in national research development projects sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

In addition, through research collaborations with universities and research centers overseas, the department has acquired higher professional knowledge and has been running the curriculums in combination with expertise and practicality.

Curriculum and research areas

Students are free to take courses offered in 14 different tracks including Internet, Optical Communication, Information Security, Wireless Communication, and Bio System, which allows the students to acquire detailed knowledge in various IT fields.

* Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded System Track
* Information Security Track
* Innovative Interaction Track
* Software Engineering Track
* Digital Intelligence Track
* Computer System and Theory Track
* Biosystems Track
* Fundamental Science and Converging Technology Track
* Internet Track
* Optical Communication Track
* Multimedia Communications and Processing Track
* Wireless Communication Track
* Radio and io Electronics Track
* System on Chip Track

Source: Kaist

Information engineering (IE) or information engineering methodology (IEM) in software engineering is an approach to designing and developing information systems.

Information engineering methodology is an architectural approach to planning, analyzing, designing, and implementing applications within an enterprise. It aims to enable an enterprise to improve the management of its resources, including capital, people and information systems, to support the achievement of its business vision. It is defined as: "An integrated and evolutionary set of tasks and techniques that enhance business communication throughout an enterprise enabling it to develop people, procedures and systems to achieve its vision".

Information engineering has many purposes, including organization planning, business re-engineering, application development, information systems planning and systems re-engineering.
[edit] History

Information engineering has a somewhat chequered history that follows two very distinct threads. It is said to have originated in Australia between 1976 and 1980, and appears first in the literature in 1981 in the Savant Institute publication 'Information engineering' by James Martin and Clive Finkelstein.

Information engineering first provided data analysis and database design techniques that could be used by database administrators (DBAs) and by systems analysts to develop database designs and systems based upon an understanding of the operational processing needs of organizations for the 1980s.

The Finkelstein thread evolved after 1980 into the data processing (DP)-driven variant of IE. From 1983 till 1986 IE evolved further into the business-driven variant of IE, which was intended to address a rapidly changing business environment. The then technical director, Charles M. Richter, from 1983 to 1987, played a significant role by revamping the IE methodology as well as designing the IE software product (user-data) which helped automate the IE methodology, opening the way to next generation Information Architecture.

The Martin thread was strategy-driven from the outset and from 1983 was focused on the possibility of automating the development process through the provision of techniques for business description that could be used to populate a data dictionary or encyclopedia that could in turn be used as source material for code generation. The Martin methodology provided a foundation for the CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tool industry. Martin himself had significant stakes in at least four CASE tool vendors - InTech (Excelerator), Higher Order Software, KnowledgeWare, originally Database Design Inc, (Information Engineering Workbench) and James Martin Associates, originally DMW and now Headstrong (the original designers of the Texas Instruments' Information Engineering Facility and the principal developers of the methodology).

At the end of the 1980s and early 1990s the Martin thread incorporated rapid application development (RAD) and business process reengineering (BPR) and soon after also entered the object oriented field.


And if you are intellectually inclined and you want to have a deeper/indepth study about information engineering and what it portends for the future of information technology management then you can read this book 160 pages long, that is free on FullView from google books, Information Engineering ELPUB 2001

Information Engineering and its Future

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Here is the beginning an Informative series of articles that I will be publishing about the new,exciting and ever evolving Information Technology Jobs. The series will begin with Information Engineers. Their roles and what they do, how they get to become information engineers, job prospects and expected wages for the next one decade. Enjoy reading and be informed.

About The Presentation.

What is the future of Information Engineering? In this year's prestigious Turing Lecture, Professor Sir Michael Brady will explore this very question, drawing on the experience of 20 years work at Oxford University. Summarizing his knowledge in the areas of mobile robotics, computer vision, signal processing, medical image analysis and artificial intelligence, he will then examine what information engineering really means and the possibilities for the future of this field.
About the speaker

The all-pervasive nature of the general-purpose computer has made the most profound mark on almost every aspect of our lives. The central seminal figure in this computer revolution was Alan Turing, whose outstanding originality and vision made it possible, in work originating in the mid 1930s. Although it is now hard to see what the limits of the computer revolution might eventually be, it was Turing himself who pointed out to us the very existence of such theoretical limitations.

Information Engineering and its future

Sir Michael Brady

Presentation from BCS/IET Turing Lecture 2009

2009-01-28 12:00:00.0 IT Channel

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Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud & Travel Chaos Prophecy

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Interview With Wix Co-CEO Allon Bloch

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Interview With Wix Co-CEO Allon Bloch

WixWix is an Israel-based online Web site and widget creator that launched in private beta a couple of weeks ago. Orli has a good review of the product along with a demo video. To learn more about Wix, I spoke with Co-CEO Allon Bloch to learn more about the application along with his tips for startups. Our interview transcript is below.

Allen: Can you each provide a brief bio about yourselves?

Allon Bloch: The company was created by three founders:

Gig Kaplan (CTO)- a serial entrepreneur who has been managing Internet companies for 13 years. Gig also spent several years at an elite technology unit in the Israel army.

Avishai Abrahami (Co-CEO) – a serial entrepreneur as well. Before Wix he was co-founder of Sphera – a hosting infrastructure company, and was also an executive a distance learning company called Arel. Avishai also served at an elite technology unit in the Israeli army.

Nadav Abrahami (VP R&D, Nadav and Avishai are bothers): was previously a senior engineer at Oberon, the casual games company

Ni Zohar: head of operations. Nir runs most of the company operations.

The company was started two years ago, I joined full time in February as Co-CEO. Previously I was a General partner at a Venture Capital firm called JVP, a $700m venture firm, where I lead the media investments. Avishai’s previous start up (Sphera) was a JVP company. Before that I was a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

We also have a number of stellar creative people, engineers and marketing people such as Amit. We don’t want to provide too much information about them…

Allen: What is Wix?

Allon: Wix is a web-top publishing platform. We believe it could become the platform people use when they want to publish something online, whether it’s a business site, a family site, widget, flyer, blog etc. Obviously it’ll take time to provide all the features to fully cover all segments, but we believe our publishing framework is robust enough to allow a multitude of applications. The only areas that are not relevant for wix type publishing are medium and large businesses, people who are willing to pay millions to create and maintain their websites, or text-only publications.

Allen: Why did you decide to enter the online Website creator market?

Allon: Wix was born out of the frustration the founders had of creating a decent web site without a lot of technology/coding. They felt that this basic self expression need was ignored, where good solutions involved either high end publishing packages or template based solutions that constrained creativity and often didn’t look good. There simply was no decent solution that enabled users to create good looking web content without the need to code but also without being constrained by templates. As wix developed we decided to focus also on the emerging widget market, as this is a classic form of self-expression online. We also felt that the problem wasn’t only creating a website once, but also enabling the freedom for people to update their content without going through their service provider.

Allen: It appears that you must host your Wix Web site with Wix – do you see this as a potential turnoff for customers who might want to use your tool to create a basic business site?

Allon: The content is hosted on wix. In the near future you’ll be able to use any URL you’d like (you can do this today, but it takes several stages). So I don’t believe it’ll be a turnoff – a user won’t feel the difference. As long as users are provided with an acceptable hosting service they will care only about the content. There is no problem for us to work with multiple hosting companies, but as this product will have numerous versions, we don’t want to create multiple versions of wix at different locations that need version upgrade etc.

Allen: What’s the technology behind Wix? How do you go from Flash creator to live Web site so seamlessly? Is the final Web site also in Flash?

Allon: Technology: Wix is a framework for enabling multiple media objects (video, audio, text, animation etc) to be published on one site and act in a unified manner. You can do that today in two ways: by coding in flash or HTML, or by using template based solutions that don’t give users choice (and are essentially coded for a specific configuration). Enabling users the freedom to create stuff means we needed a WYSIWYG drag & drop editor that acts as an abstraction layer to everything that happens underneath. This kind of framework is difficult to build as in the heart of the technology. The final website is also in flash (although we also create an XML stream that allows the website to be searchable like any other search engine).

Allen: Who are your competitors?

Allon: Competition: there are multiple offerings that provide consumers and small businesses the ability to publish online, but as mentioned earlier they have either a template type limitation or coding type limitations. Sprout seems to have a good offering for create widgets online, but seems to be more of a tool for professional marketers working online, and less for the general consumer population.

Allen: What makes Wix special versus the other online Website creators?

Allon: What makes wix special:

a). the capability of enabling true freedom in developing content in flash without the contratinst limitation

b). The UI is fun: wix was built like a video game: easy to start – hard to master. It’s a fun experience and very rewarding. It would be difficult to replicate that.

c). Wix is the only offering to non-coders that provides a complete solution for publishing online

Allen: How do you plan to market Wix?

Allon: Marketing/monetization: we have a plan but we’re still in early stages and haven’t finalized all the points. You can see a glimpse of how we’re approaching it in the current landing pages. I would be happy to talk about this further in a month or two.

Wix has offices in NYC and Israel – why did you select NYC and not Silicon Valley as your U.S. base of operations?

Allon: Wix’s R&D is in Israel. We wanted to have a US HQ. We felt NY was better for two reasons:

* wix needs to cooperate with media companies – both established and Web 2 companies. NY has probably more relevant companies than anywhere else.
* the time difference and travel to Israel are easier from NY comared with the west coast.

Allen: Can you share two lessons you’ve learned since starting work on Wix and how you dealt with each?

Allon: Lessons learnt: many… give me a few more months in the company to answer that.

Allen: Lastly, what tips or advice do you have for others wanting to begin work on a startup?

Allon: Advice re working on a start up: I mentioned I was a VC and I invested close to $100m in various early stage companies, so I’ve seen a lot of company situations. Start ups are a great place for people to fulfill themselves, and are incredibly rewarding, but you need to have the tolerance and the ability to persevere through the ups and downs. That’s not for everybody and definitely not for the faint hearted…
Thanks To Allen Stern of CentreNetWorks.

Kenyans want Kibaki, Raila to work together.

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Kenyans want Kibaki, Raila to work together
Update 2 hours and 39 minutes ago
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NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 15 - A section of Kenyans have called on the coalition partners to unite especially on critical matters that affect the country's well-being.

Those interviewed by Capital News on Monday said that the latest differences between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga indicate cracks in the Coalition government.

“The Prime Minister and the President need consult and make unanimous decisions. They should not take us back to 2007,” said a newspaper vendor.
“They should do their work like grown-ups!”

The President and PM differed in public on Sunday over the suspension of two Cabinet Ministers after President Kibaki overturned an announcement by PM Odinga who had announced the suspension of Ministers William Ruto and Sam Ongeri.

But a Nairobi businessman said: “They need to sit down together and have discussions before they come out in public. Now it is like they are fighting. President Kibaki is saying one thing while Prime Minister Raila Odinga is saying another. This is not good,” he stated.

The Chairman of the International Commission of Jurists Kenya Chapter Albert Kamunde said cracks were evident in the Coalition.

“Obviously, if a principal to the Coalition government asks a sitting Member of Parliament to resign, that indicates that there is a serious problem somewhere and should not be taken lightly,” he explained.

He also said that a quick solution to the scandals would restore donor confidence in the country.

“When we invite donors to come in and they have assisted the country. We are responsible to account how the money has been used. This is because they also have a duty to their tax payers to say how the money donated has been spent.”

Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Sunday announced a decision to suspend Agriculture Minister William Ruto and Education Minister Sam Ongeri saying that the forensic audit by the PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Maize scandal and internal audits on Free Primary Education, had laid credible foundations for the two to be investigated.

Mr Odinga had told reporters the move was taken after consultations with President Kibaki. However, the President later contradicted the suspension order saying that the two ministers would remain in office.

In a statement sent to newsrooms by the Presidential Press Service on Sunday evening, the President stated that no consultations took place between him and the Prime Minister on the matter.

Thanks To CapitalFM
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