Death Toll Rises to 26 in Kenyan Supermarket Inferno.

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A man who was injured from a fire in a Nairobi supermarket has been confirmed dead, thus bringing the death toll to 26.     A fire broke out on Wednesday in a Nairobi supermarket in downtown during which the man jumped from the first floor of the burning building to escape the fire. As a result, the man got seriously injured. He died on Thursday.
    So far, At least 25 bodies have been retrieved from Nakumatt supermarket fire.
    Throughout Friday, forensic police and firemen fought their way carefully through the gutted debris, placing small red flags on what they thought were human remains.
    Deputy government pathologist Dr. Jane Wasike led the experts in locating and picking up the remains as a mortuary attendant put them together. The bodies were later wrapped in white and black body bags and taken to the mortuary for preservation.
    Kenyan police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the bodies would be preserved for further DNA analysis to identify them.
    "They are badly mutilated and it will take a technical analysis to identify them, which could take long," said Kiraithe.
    Kiraithe said police are also probing reports that exit doors of the supermarket in the Kenyan capital were closed to prevent looters from entering when the fire broke out.
    "Investigations have begun to establish what happened during the incident. If anyone restricted those who were inside from escaping it is criminal," Kiraithe said at the scene late on Friday.
    "We can now confirm that people were trapped and died inside the supermarket."
    Two bulldozers were digging the debris. Other rescuers were worked manually on the upper floor trying to locate the remains.

    Kiraithe said a desk had been opened up at the Central Police Station to take statements from survivors and relatives of the incident.
    The rescue work was suspended on Friday evening and resumed on Saturday morning.
    Nakumatt, the supermarket located in the center of Nairobi, was completely destroyed by the fire.
    Nakumatt managers have denied that the doors of the market were locked at the time of the blaze. A company statement said the store "was fully fire safety and had been installed with advanced fire/smoke detectors."
    Witnesses said the high number of casualties may have been caused by exploding gas canisters inside the shop.
    Most of the victims were found huddled in one corner on the first floor of the supermarket near the only staircase but more bodies were expected to be recovered on the ground floor towards the back of the building where screams of those trapped were heard as the inferno spread on Wednesday afternoon.
    Kenyan Red Cross said at least 47 people were reported missing since the fire broke out.
    Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki visited the scene late on Friday.
    "We will do what we can to assist all those who are hurt by this tragedy. We should come out and help each other," Kibaki said.
    Flames engulfed the large supermarket building during mid-afternoon on Wednesday, when it was packed with shoppers and the streets nearby were bustling with people.
    Firefighters fought the blaze for hours, as smoke billowed across central Nairobi but could not save the building.Thanks Han Jingjing

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