MAYBACH - Luxury On Wheels.

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                                                                His Majesty  Maybach 62 S
This One Goes out to all you Car Nuts I just wanted you to acquaint yourself with this King Of Luxury Cars a superb machine to say anything but the least.Read On
The Maybach read on ..Maybach – music to the ears of the car lover. The name is associated with the most beautiful and distinguished vehicles ever to grace the road. During the twenties and thirties they could be admired on the boulevards of New York, Monte Carlo and Berlin. The beginning of the forties brought the classic Maybach era to an end. Even long after production of these legendary vehicles ended, they remained very much alive in the heads and hearts of engineers, designers and automotive enthusiasts.

The Maybach has returned for the 21st century. Like its esteemed predecessors, the current version once again sets new standards with its technology, design and individuality. And like an instrument that is brought to life by the player, this car resonates with its owner’s sense of style.

More than 100 years ago, Wilhelm Maybach built a car that pointed the way to the modern era. His Opus No.1 went down in history as the first Mercedes, and he is still remembered as the “king of the design engineers.”

His son, Karl, took over the reins, creating further master - pieces between the twenties and the forties. Having set many standards in terms of size, tech nology and perform - ance by the end of the twenties, Maybach followed this up in the thirties with a surprise move: the introduction of a “small” model, known by the abbreviation SW, which stood for swing axle. The picture here gives some idea of its stunning design. It was lovingly handcrafted, a unique product built in accordance with the wishes of the individual customer, as is still the case with every Maybach today



The Maybach 62 S is a car for people who have an eye for the extraspecial. It brings together all of the hallmark traits which have, since the very beginning, set aside each and every Maybach vehicle as a paragon of technical perfection, traditional craftsmanship and creative brilliance. This prestigious, high-end luxury saloon goes yet further by adding a generous helping of dynamic individuality with an assured sense of style to enrich the brand's heritage.

Exclusive design features plus high-tech performance enhancement give the Maybach 62 S an athletic, one-of-a-kind feel that make it into a beguiling travel companion on any road in the world. Arresting details such as the radiator grille with twin louvres, the striking main headlamps finished in the vehicle colour and the front fog lamps with their elegant chrome surrounds instantly catch the eye.

Exclusive wheels and a customdesigned exhaust system with two visible tailpipes add further powerful touches. Under the bonnet, the Maybach 62 S holds true to the philosophy of discreet dynamism with the most powerful Maybach engine ever, promising majestic propulsion and astonishing agility. This combines with the lavish spaciousness on offer and the peerless finery of the appointments and equipment to produce something truly worth cherishing: your very own business jet on wheels.

The Maybach 62 S succeeds in reconciling inspirational motoring comfort with a level of performance that belies the vehicle's imposing dimensions and satisfies even the highest expectations.

The source of this exceptionally dynamic streak is a twin-turbocharged Maybach V12 powerplant with a displacement of six litres delivering 604 hp. Torque peaks at a heady 738 lb-ft @ 2000-4000 rpm. Having undergone a painstaking programme of refinement at the Mercedes-AMG engine manufacturing facility, the engine excels by virtue of its instantaneous power delivery and barely perceptible noise levels. And thanks to the meticulous attention to detail lavished on the chassis by the Maybach engineers, all of this formidable power can be unleashed safely and effortlessly.

The ESP® Electronic Stability Program, ASR acceleration skid control and the braking system have all been adapted to the increased power reserves of the Maybach 62 S, working in unison with the sensitive AIRMATIC Dual Control air suspension and the exclusive 11-spoke, 20-inch wheels to produce outstanding handling dynamics and directional stability. Which all means that a journey aboard the Maybach 62 S will never cease to be an experience for all the senses – regardless of where you're sitting
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