Photo Of Eric Gethi Kanyingi, Force Number 97861, Mastermind Of The Planned Attack On Ruiru GSU Recce Company Headquarters, Kenya

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Eric Gethi Kanyingi, 26, Force Number 97861, GSU Recce Squad Kenya, Went AWOL 2014


 Eric Gethi Kanyingi, a 26 year old, Elite Kenyan Paramilitary GSU Recce ex-officer who is a highly trained hostage and rescue officer, was reported to have been planning a terror attack at the GSU Ruiru RECCE, Kiambu County, headquarters among other targets. He joined the unit in 2013 and is Force Number 97861, he went AWOL after two years in the service.

Githurai 45, Nairobi, Kenya - Thursday, 4th August 2016 - The Kenyan police on the morning of Thursday, August 4, intercepted weapons belonging to an ex-RECCE squad officer at raid in Githurai 45

Map Of Githurai 45 Where Ex GSU Recce Officer, Eric Gethi  Kanyingi Lived

In the wee hours of  Thursday, August 4 the Kenyan police intercepted three AK 47 rifles and 178 bullets. They belonged to a 26-year-old  former RECCE squad officer  who is suspected  to have been radicalised by the militant Islamic group al-Shabaab.

The police who were responding to a tip-off  that the officer was planning an attack on among other targets, the  GSU RECCE headquarters in Ruiru, Nairobi.

The ex-cop who is said to be a highly trained hostage and rescue officer managed to escape in the dawn attack, leaving behind, his weapons.

  Weapons Cache

  • 3 AK 47 Rifles 
  • 178 Bullets

Weapons Cache Recovered From Eric Gethi Kanyingi's House in Githurai, 45 

The weapons which were previously sewn inside a mattress, has learnt, were recovered dumped away from the house in a sack near the Ruiru river.

The suspect reportedly dumped the weapons after learning that detectives were on his trail.
The suspect was identified in police documents as police constable Eric Gethi Kanyingi, Force Number 97861 who went AWOL from the RECCE squad in 2015.

Detectives  from the Ruiru police station carried out a raid of his Githurai 45 house at the dawn of Thursday, August 4, where they recovered  literature material that suggests that the former officer had been radicalised.

Westgate  Terror Attack

A Member of Kenya's Elite Paramilitary Units, Escorts Hostages Out Of  Nairobi's WestGate Mall

Part of the materials he was reading were newspaper excerpts of the WestGate  terror attack which claimed hundreds of lives- an attack that the al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

The officers who conducted the raid told that the former officer was previously sighted at the Riyadh Mosque which has been in the limelight for allegations radicalisation.

George Kinoti, the police spokesman has  said that officers had been deployed to hunt down  Kanyingi who is a well-known criminal.

The raid came in the wake of police reports that key officers in the Kenyan police force had been radicalised and were working in cahoots with criminals.

Last month, a radicalized officer opened fire on his colleagues at the Kapenguria Police Station killing 7 people in the 8-hour attack.

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