Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa's Presidential Bid Suffers A Blow With This Damning Revelations

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 Here is a caution to Kenyans of the man previously known as EUGENE LUDIVIC SIMIYU who seeks the highest Public office in the Land come 2012: -
Eugene Wamalwa cannot be trusted with the Presidency or even the governorship/senatorship position come 2012 for the following reasons.

At his own hometown (so to speak) the man has, inter alia (amongst others): -

1. Issued a Keshs. 50,000 bouncing cheque to a local ACK church in Bungoma.
2. Is several months in debt of Keshs. 11,000 at Kanduyi Petrol Station and has been playing cat and mouse.
3. Issued another bouncing cheque at St Anthony's School Kitale.
4. Owe Rosewood Hotel in Bungoma Keshs. 5,000.
5. Eugene is virtually a persona non Gratia in all petrol stations within Bungoma County.
6. He still owes ODM money for nominations
7. Matunda Bus company has refused to ferry boys from Kitale to Bumgoma tomorrow until he pays upfront. The last time they trusted him, he took them round for 4 months before finally settling the bill. He has no crowd after all other than the ferried crowds. Ferried on debt.

Ps: 1. If he is man enough, let him write to the speaker and have his seat declared vacant.