Kenya-The Top Reasons For Enhancing Your Facebook Page Now.

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Top Reasons For Enhancing Your Facebook Page Now!

The social networking site Facebook is used by more than 520,000,000  people to share personal information with friends online. In Kenya alone it is estimated that up to 80% of all Internet users (a full 4,000,000 or some 10% of the country’s population) are Facebook users. With those kinds of numbers, you knew it would not be long until businesses saw the potential. If you're looking to tap the marketing potential of Facebook, you can create free Facebook Business Pages—leveraging Facebook business options can provide a new channel for you to interact with your customers At the same time these pages, called Public Profiles, can also help you acquire new customers as your Facebook fans spread the word about your business to their friends.
A Statistical Case For Using Facebook Pages To Enhance Your Brand In Kenya.
 Some of the key highlights for Kenya on Facebook that should make any marketer salivate are as follows:
·         Total Facebook Users: 1,005,400
·         Penetration of population: 2.51%
·         Position in the global country ranking: 67.
·         Penetration of online population in Kenya: 25.16%
·         Average CPC (Cost Per Click): US$ 0.33
·         Average CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): US$0.15

Facebook Kenya Usage By Age Distribution.
·         13-15: 2%
·         16-17: 4%
·         18-24: 43%
·         25-34: 36%
·         35-44: 9%
·         45-54: 2%
·         55-64: 1%
·         65+: 2%

Setting Up Your Page
If you’re a one-person business, rather than creating Facebook pages for your name, consider setting up a Facebook Page for the company, product or service name and add keywords to it. People may be more likely to subscrbe to your Page (become a “fan”) when they see the topic that follows the company name. For example, I’m a one-person business, so instead of creating my Page using my name, I used my official company name of “” I then expanded it to show “ writing and editing.” Using this approach shows what kind of valuable information people will get if they subscribe to my Page. Not all of us have well-known brands like Coca Cola, Twitter or IBM.

Creating a new Facebook page requires picking a category for your Page. There are three main choices: “Local,” “Brand, Product or Organization” or “Artist, Band or Public Figure.” For my Page, I decided that “Local” was out, as all except one of my clients is located outside of Texas. I could have selected “Artist, Band, or Public Figure.” Not because I think I’m a rock star, but because it has a “Writer” subcategory. However, I decided to go with “Brand, Product or Organization” as it has “Communications” and “Professional Service” subcategories, which are a good fit for me. Take a look at the categories and their subcategories to see where you best fit.
Before Opening for Business
Prior to broadcasting that your Facebook Page is open for business, add some valuable content so people will see the benefits of subscribing:
·         Share tips on how to do things faster or more effectively with your product or service.
·         Post how-to videos or screencasts.
·         Announce free upcoming events or webinars.
·         Mention if you or someone from your company will be attending an event for a potential meet up.
·         Import your blog entries.
If you’re not ready for a page or want to become familiar with Facebook Pages, subscribe to some other pages and visit them regularly. See which ones work, and what makes them better than those that don’t work well. As long as you don’t come across as overly promotional, you’ll do fine

Enhance Your Page with Apps

You can also enhance your Facebook Page by adding applications to it. Apps add particular functions to your page, such as drawing in your blog’s RSS feed (the Social RSS app is a good example of this) or YouTube videos, Custom Tabs & Content,E-Commerce, Polls, Chat, Contests, FeedBack Forms and Incorporating your Twitter stream  into your Facebook Page .

Finally You May Ask -Why Add Facebook Apps To My Page?

The above question may sound like a no brainer but the reason why you need to  add apps to your Facebook Business (Fan) page  by customizing your Fan page with apps, is so that you can significantly enhance the user’s experience. And, the more you keep your fans engaged and coming back for more, the more likely you’ll increase your “viral visibility.”

 They are a great way to further engage visitors to your Page and provide them reason to come back, and there are hundreds of apps designed to help you do business better on Facebook. If you’re looking for full hands-on customization service at very affordable rates then you can contact us meanwhile do not forget to view an example of our custom branded Company Facebook Page SarakaTECH iNTERACTIVE.

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