Apple Places Massive Camera Module Order

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Rumors point to camera equipped iPod touch and nano

Almost as soon as Apple announces new products, the rumors of future products start cropping up creating a never-ending cycle. Apple finally proved rumors true when it announced a new iPhone last month and the first rumors of new fall product launches are now appearing.

According to the new rumors Apple has purchased a very large quantity of the camera modules that are used in the new iPhone 3G S. According to sources cited by AppleInsider, the order was large enough that each camera module cost Apple $10.

The size of the order is believed to be larger than can be justified by the iPhone 3G S alone. The large order coupled with the leaked images of new cases for the iPod touch and iPod nano showing camera cutouts on the cases lend weight to the rumor that the two iPods will be getting built-in cameras.

A sketch surfaced in late May showing an iPod case with a telltale camera cutout on the rear. The nano case would allow the tiny MP3 player to be used as a point-and-shoot camera when held in landscape mode.

The addition of a camera would also give users a reason to upgrade their iPod, something that Apple has been working to inspire. Sketches and renderings of cases for Apple products have leaked designs and details of Apple products in the past. Among the first leaks to hint at the iPhone 3G design was a case rendering.

However, as AppleInsider points out, shots of a supposed case for the long rumored iPhone nano were leaked and that product failed to materialize. If the rumors prove to be true, the camera module of the iPhone 3G S lacks a flash module, which hurts the low light performance of the camera. Despite the lack of a flash module on the camera, the iPhone 3G S still took the top spot form smartphones in the Consumer Reports smartphone rankings.