Tens Feared Dead In Another Oil Tanker Explosion Tragedy Along Suo River, 20 Kilometres From Busia Town Along The Kenya-Uganda Highway.

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By Marcel Masaga, 9:30 PM Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

File:Trailer Tanker On Fire.

Yet another fire tragedy has hit Kenya in the wake of the Sinai accident, as an out of control tanker carrying Super a highly inflammable petroleum product, explodes along a bridge on  River Suo in Busia County, Kenya. The 9:30 P.M accident  occurred at Suo River 12 kilometers from Busia Town, Busia County Along The Kenya-Uganda Highway on the frontier of Kenya  and Uganda.

At least four people have been confirmed dead .So far fifteen people with severe 3rd degree burns have been rushed to the nearby Busia District Hospital, the Busia Police Division OCPD Mr Micheni Muthamia has confirmed to a local FM station .So far the trailer is Still Burning and it  is feared that some fuel compartments might yet ignite.

                                                  File: Huge Oil Tanker Explosion

The trailer is said to have lost control while maneouvering through the notorious blackspot, that has claimed hundreds of lives in the recent past. Many more people, who had come to partake in the free fuel,  are now feared dead in the surrounding bushes rescue operations are still ongoing. We will keep you updated with this breaking story.